These Celebrities Dressed Up Like Politicians And It Is Crazy

Celebrities really make Halloween costumes look crazy and sexy! These are the top celebrities who chose to dress up as politicians, and others that chose costumes that were flagged as politically incorrect.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of our current and previous generation. She is particularly known for her versatility as an actress, which is no surprise because she is able to pull off this Donald Trump look.

Her Look Is Hilariously Offensive

Meryl Streep’s Donald Trump impersonation is so over the top that we can’t help, but love it. Her look is complete with an obvious fake tan and a body suit underneath her cheep looking suit. She wore the get-up to the annual Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park over the summer.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is best known for being one of the best character actors in Hollywood. The actor is currently in the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as the iconic Jack Sparrow. But his greatest role to date is the over-the-top and ridiculous Donald Trump.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is the king of impersonations. His first gig doing impersonations was on Saturday Night Live, where he is now a legend. Fallon is currently the host of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.”

His Impersonation Is Legendary

Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Donald Trump is one for the books. His voice is spot on when it comes to Donald Trump’s low and monotonous tone. It’s also the hand motions that tie it all together which are spot-on while Fallon says, “Make America Great Again.”

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a living legend when it comes to comedy writing. Stewart is the former host of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” and is currently out of retirement to make statements about the election. His Trump impersonation is one of the funniest, yet most unrealistic.

What Are Those Orange Dots?

The orange dots represent the obvious fake tan Donald Trump has, but Jon Stewart’s outfit is awful. Not only does it not look like Donald Trump, but his impersonation isn’t thought through either. This look is simply lacking any real thought and design.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler is the queen of late night comedy. Poehler is one of the former stars of the late night comedy sketch show “Saturday Night Live” and is the original Hillary Clinton impersonator on the show. She really kills her performance every single time.

Her Performance Is Idolized

Amy Poehler’s performance of Hillary Clinton is so realistic and life-like that even Hillary herself is impressed. Hillary Clinton states she learned new things about her appearance and the way she talks from Poehler’s “Saturday Night Live” impersonation. Also, those pant suits look just as awful on Poehler as they do on Clinton.

Darrell Hammond

Darrell Hammond is a stand-up comedian who is a lesser known celebrity than some of the other celebs on our list. He is also a former sketch comedian on “SNL” as part of the cast from 1995- 2009. He is also the WORST impersonator of Donald Trump.

It’s Too Over The Top

Hammond’s impersonation of Donald Trump is way too over the top and just looks downright crazy. Hammond’s facial exaggerations and his lip pout don’t look like Trump at all. His outfit is also boring and looks completely unoriginal.

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is taking the world by storm with her hilarious comedy and downright sexy looks. This blonde bombshell is one of the hottest comedians out there and is throwing her hat into the ring for political impersonations. Her career is taking off with her on-point Hillary Clinton impersonation.

They Literally Have The Same Face

Kate McKinnon’s outfit looks like it was taken straight from the current Senator’s wardrobe. Her jacket, complete with ludicrous shoulder pads is exactly aligned with what Hillary would wear on the campaign trail. This impersonation is one of the best on our list. Nailed it.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is the best “Saturday Night Live” host of all time. Baldwin is the coolest and most talented member of the Baldwin family and is the star of the NBC cult classic, “30 Rock.” His Trump outfit is out of control, and we are loving it.

His Hair Is On Fleek

Baldwin’s impersonation is spot on, including an unbelievably realistic fake tan and lip plumpers. His Trump wig is spot on with one giant bald spot at the back of his head. His outfit is delightfully uncanny to the original.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer, and singer, who first got his start working Off-Broadway. The actor is best known for his work in dramatic films and his A-List role in the Die Hard series. His performance as Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show” is a weird out-of-character performance for him.

Jay Pharoah

Jay Pharoah is “Saturday Night Live’s” golden boy by having the best vocal impersonations around. The actor is an impersonator of Drake, Jay Z, and most importantly, President Obama. He is currently leaving “SNL” to try to become a famous rapper. Nothing could go wrong with that plan!

His Obama Impersonation Is Hilarious

Dressed in a classy business suit and donning a wig, Jay Pharoah’s impersonation of Barack Obama is hilariously accurate. The impersonation and act include Pharoah’s rendition of how Obama orders a Big Mac. The actor’s hand gestures are almost identical to those of Barack Obama which makes this act SUPER realistic.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is hilarious. The A-List comedian sadly was in a coma after a recent car accident. The traumatic experience has had a huge influence on his life, and inspired him to take time to appreciate the good things in life. Before his accident, Morgan was honored with an Emmy nomination.

His Al Sharpton Is Great

American Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton was featured on “SNL” during an episode in 2002, alongside Tracy Morgan who was impersonating him. Morgan’s impersonation included a track suit and some fat padding, paired with a hilarious, boisterous personality.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is the comedian to beat these days. She is a former cast member and lead writer for “SNL,” but made her real comedic statement by writing and starring in the NBC show “30 Rock.” She is also the creator of the cult comedic teen classic Mean Girls.

“I Can See Russia From My House”

During the 2008 election, no one was better at impersonating Sarah Palin than Tina Fey. Fey’s impersonation is filled with hilarious Palin quotes, with an Alaskan accent that is spot-on. Also, the outfit emits low-key sexy.

Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day is a singer who is currently a member of the pop girl duo Dumbblonde. She is also a former member of the MTV creation group Danity Kane. But it’s her Halloween costume which is turning heads for being sexy, yet extremely politically incorrect.

Politically Incorrect

Aubrey O’Day should know better. O’Day’s outfit is called, “sexy Indian princess,” but is just downright offensive. This sexual cultural appropriation is not okay, even if it is on Halloween. Dressing up as a culture isn’t a costume, it’s just downright stealing someone else’s culture.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry took Halloween to a new height (and level of offense) when he decided to wear the costume in the next slide. Prince Harry is second in line to the thrown of England and should simply know better than to dress up like a Nazi.

This Is Against Everything England Stands For

Prince Harry’s costume is simply inappropriate, even for a prince. His offensive outfit is actually supposed to be Hitler, who is evil to all, but most importantly evil to the British crown. He should have known why this would offend his family and country.

Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata is relatively new to the comedy scene and is a cast member of the show “Saturday Night Live.” Her first appearance on the show is in an episode in 2014, where she brilliantly plays Michelle Obama. The accuracy is uncanny.

It’s Uncanny

Sasheer Zamata’s impersonation skills deserve a gold star when it comes to playing First Lady Michelle Obama. Her voice is almost identical and she even has the poise and dignity that Michelle has. She also is one of the hottest impersonators on our list.

Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen is one of the weirdest comedians and is just plain awkward. His performances on “Saturday Night Live” are always completely uncomfortable to watch and they will make you cringe. It isn’t any different with his Donald Trump impersonation.

There Are So Many Awkward Pauses

Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama is awful and is solely based on shock value alone. The voice which Armisen uses sounds nowhere close to resembling Obama and his facial features look completely different. This costume is just ugly!

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is one of the most out spoken and opinionated people in Hollywood. She is famous for being a feminist writer and is usually in hot water for her incredibly outlandish statements and books.

She’s Too Much

Lena Dunham is proud of her body, but her fashion sense is absolutely insane. This isn’t a costume, but Dunham wore this get-up in support of Hillary Clinton. Dunham should realize why this outfit isn’t helping anyone support Clinton at all.

The Sexy Hillary Clinton

The sexy Hillary Clinton costume isn’t just for celebrities, and actually pretty easy to pull off. If you have clothes that fit the theme of “preppy,” just slip on some large sunglasses, hike up your skirt a little bit and you have the slutty Hillary outfit down.

Or You Could Buy The Costume

The hottest costume in 2016 is the self-titled “Sexy Hillary” which is just a coat. The coat is a play on the famous Armani outfit which Hillary Clinton wore to the first presidential debate. The outfit is said to sell out before the end of October.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is always down to wear a hot outfit, but this one is a political nightmare. Kylie Jenner is the youngest Kardashian sister and is extremely successful as a makeup guru. Her line, The Kylie Jenner Lip Kick is worth millions.

She Said She Was A Snow Princess

Many people find Kylie Jenner’s Eskimo outfit extremely offensive to First Nation and Inuit people. The costume is a clear cultural appropriation of native people who live in colder climates, like Northern Maine and Canada.

The Sexy Donald Trump

It’s hard to believe anyone can make Donald Trump look sexy, but costume makers are trying to make it happen. Even though the outfit doesn’t feature pants and is considered sexy, don’t do it.

Any Trump Costume Is Awful

Wearing a Trump costume might get some laughs but let’s face it, no one is getting lucky with that get-up. You may look in the mirror and tell yourself, “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich” before leaving the house, but your friends at the party will not agree.

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele is an American actor, comedian, director, and writer who is well-known for being one-half of the comedy duo on the eponymous sketch show Key & Peele. And on this show, he pulls off an incredibly convincing Barack Obama impression. At least vocally. Visually, he obviously doesn’t look a whole lot like the president. But it’s amazing what a little makeup and movie magic can do…

His Obama Impression Is Insane

From his college years to his current days in the White House, Jordan Peele has done some incredible impressions of Obama on his show Key & Peele. If you’re not looking at the screen, you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t the president. And if you’re ever curious what it would be like to hear President Obama say some funny (and definitely presidentially inappropriate) stuff, you have to check out these impressions.

Keegan Michael Key

The other half of the Key & Peele comedy duo, Keegan Michael Key, is also in incredibly funny man. This actor, writer, and comedian is best known for his role on his sketch show with Jordan Peele, along with roles on hit shows like Parks and Rec. He’s also quite good at impressions.

Key Can Do Obama, Too

While Key plays Obama’s anger translator during the Obama segments on the show Key & Peele, he’s also done a really convincing Obama impression himself. In the recent movie Don’t Think Twice about a group of improvisers in New York trying to make it big, in which Key stars, he is well known for his Obama impression. And it is really spot on!

Will Ferrel

American actor, comedian, producer, and writer Will Ferrel is a beloved funny man. He started out on TV show Saturday Night Live in the 1990s and went on to become a successful movie actor, having leading roles in movies such as Anchor Man, Elf, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers. Another thing he’s known for, although maybe less so? Spot-on impressions.

Will Ferrel as George W. Bush Takes Down His Cousin and Trump

Recently, Will Ferrel took to the TV stage on Comedy Central’s @midnight in full W. attire. As the former president, Ferrel is quoted as talking smack about his cousin and Trump by saying, “He’s been in the news a lot lately, him and that disgraced pumpkin Donald Trump, talking on that bus. I just want to say one thing: We Bushes don’t act like that. We have standards, and we’re raised a certain way. We would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus.”


Born Nicole Elizabeth LaVelle, Snooki is a reality TV star who gained fame on Jersey Shore. Since her time on that show, she’s also written a book and appeared on a few late night talk shows. If you’ve ever seen the show Jersey Shore, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that she’s known to offend many, even on Halloween.

When Snooki “Went Missing” for Halloween

If there’s every a need to put someone’s face on a milk carton, it means something really bad has happened. In fact, it means every parent’s worst nightmare has happened: a child has been kidnapped. And that’s exactly what makes this costume so offensive. It looks like Snooki was pregnant in the photo. Do you think she’d feel differently about this costume now that she’s a mom?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a singer and actress who first became famous for her role in the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. She then went on to follow in her musician dad’s footsteps (her dad is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus) and become a successful pop singer herself. Often in the news for her crazy antics, Miley has also made unfortunate and offensive Halloween costume decisions.

Another Sexy Indian

Yet again we see a famous celebrity making quite a faux pa when it comes to politically incorrect costumes. It’s one thing to dress sexy on Halloween. That’s not a problem. But when you dress up as a caricature of a whole group of people (who, incidentally, the original American settlers wiped out in a brutal manner) well…there’s really nothing sexy about that. Try again, Miley.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a hilarious American comedian who has been making fans laugh for the last for the last 20 plus years. She’s known for speaking openly about everything, from her own mental illnesses to the raunchiest topics possible. She’s also open about her dislike for Donald Trump. And she went pretty far to show it…

Silverman Dressed as Hitler on Conan To Tell Off Trump

Not long ago, Silverman took to Conan, a late-night show hosted by comedian Conan O’Brien, dressed as Hitler. In the Hitler outfit and persona, Silverman said, “I have to be honest. Trump, he’s starting to make me rethink some of the things I’ve done.” It’s a sad but funny joke. Even Hitler would be shocked by Trump.

Heidi Klum

German-born Heidi Klum is most famous for her hosting gig on Project Runway. She’s also a model, businesswoman, fashion designer, and producer. Modeling is known for outlandish outfits and taking fashion close to the edge. However, “edgy” can often come a bit too close to offensive.

Heidi Klum as Hindu Goddess Kali

For some reason, celebrities seem to think it’s ok to take something sacred from a different culture, create a caricature of it, and then use it to get attention. Whether or not her intentions were good, this costume definitely went a bit too far. It’s gruesome and detailed and awesome, but we wonder how devout Hindus feel about it.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is a dancer, singer, and actress most famous for being a champion on Dancing with the Stars. She was born in Utah, raised in a Mormon family, and spend a lot of time living in London as a child where she and her brother were trained as dancers.

Julianne Hough in Blackface

There’s pretty much nothing more offensive that a white person dressed up in blackface. And yet…somehow it still happens! Julianne Hough recently thought it would be a good idea to dress up as Crazy Eyes from the show Orange is the New Black. Which would be fine…if she hadn’t put dark makeup on her face, too. Not cool, Hough!

Adrianne Curry

A model and reality TV star, Adrianne Curry is most well known for starring on the VH1 show My Fair Brady and for winning America’s Next Top Model. On reality TV shows, it often pays to be edgy and add shock value to the show. That’s what gets viewers. But like anything else, too much of a good a good thing is just too much. Especially when it bleeds into your everyday life.

Adrianne Curry’s Distasteful Rendition of Amy Winehouse

Making fun of someone who died from a vicious disease seems like an obvious no-no. But apparently, that’s a lesson some have to learn the hard way. As you can see above, Adrianne Curry seems to have gotten some kind of twisted joy from making fun of Amy Winehouse’s death by dressing up as her for Halloween. That’s pretty twisted.

Dwight Howard

A professional basketball player who is currently on the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, Dwight David Howard is known for being one of the best in terms of rebounds and free throws. At 6’11”, he is an imposing figure and a force to reckon with on the basketball court. Unfortunately, he has made some bad decisions off the court.

Howard Dressed up as a Homeless Guy for Halloween

We’ve all seen the retro Halloween costume where a kid dresses up as a hobo, with a handkerchief tied around a stick to hold all their possessions and a coat with lots of patches. It may have been cute years ago, but now it makes us a bit uncomfortable. What’s even worse is when a successful athlete, who has lots of money, dresses up as a homeless person and doesn’t make the costume cute. Instead, it’s just sad. And, of course, offensive.