More Than A Fan: Celebrities Who Own Sports Franchises

Many people dream of owning a sports team or franchise in their lifetime, but few actually achieve this. Once these celebrities built their fortunes, they decided to go ahead and make that dream come true. Here’s a look at the lucky celebrities who own a sports franchise.

Paul Newman – Newman-Haas Racing

Paul Newman is a man of many interests, which then carries over into his professional life as an actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and activist. He probably had an interest in racing cars before he became an actor, but it came out as he was working on a film in 1969 called Winning. He went through the motions because of his interest and he eventually began driving race cars.

Many people may not know this about Paul Newman, but he became a successful driver and even competed in the amateur and professional racing circuits. This led him to purchase a team known as Newman-Haas racing with Carl Haas in 1983. The team has won eight series championships.