The Trial Of Real Estate Heir Robert Durst

Many of us wonder about the justice system that is currently in place. Some who have been harmed often feel that justice isn’t served until the people who hurt them are also hurt. And some people believe that the justice system works for some individuals but not for others. Robert Durst was a real estate heir who was married to Kathleen McCormack. McCormack disappeared in the early 1980s and another woman connected to Durst, Susan Berman, was found dead in 2000. As of today, Robert Durst has not been convicted for the death of Susan Berman or the disappearance of Kathleen McCormack.

Robert Durst – The Early Years

Robert Durst – The Early Years

Suspect Robert Durst did not come from what some people think of as a typical criminal background. Durst is the son of real estate investor Seymour Durst and Bernice Herstein. Robert Durst grew up with two brothers and one sister. His family origins are from Austria-Hungary and Durst grew up in Scarsdale, New York.

All was not well in the Durst household from the beginning. Sibling rivalry is pretty common among those who have siblings, but Robert and his brother Douglas had to go to counseling for their severe sibling rivalry. A psychiatrist reported that a then-ten-year-old Robert Durst had “personality decomposition and possibly even schizophrenia.”

Was this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning for Robert Durst?