Count Your Blessings: Things Banned In China That We Take For Granted

China has long had a reputation for censoring and limiting various freedoms for their citizens. The Communist country is known for being the home of some of the most intelligent people in the world. It also leads in other areas like the automobile market and the creation of “smart cities.” However, the country has simultaneously kept its citizens from partaking in an array of activities and topics from the silly (Winnie the Pooh) to the political (speaking of Tiananmen Square). Let’s take a look at some of the things that China has banned over the years.

You won’t believe which beloved kids’ book was banned until its author died… learn more on page six!

Poor Pooh Bear


Photo by TPG/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been compared to the fictional bear with a honey addiction, Winnie the Pooh, a few too many times for his liking. Apparently, he is none too keen on the comparison and his government since banned the animated bear from Chinese culture. Winnie the Pooh’s likeness has been wiped from the government-controlled internet including GIFs and mere mentions of the character on WeChat (which is kind of like China’s Facebook). If a user attempts to use a message with the bear, they will instead receive an error message. Although Chinese citizens have attempted to find ways to communicate despite various censorship issues, the fact remains that the President is not too happy to be compared to a cartoon bear.