Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets Of Flying And What It’s Really Like Working For An Airline

If you’re flying somewhere for a trip, it helps to know what you’re getting yourself into before checking in at the airport. Flight attendants know all too well the habits of frequent flyers and families who are confused as they wrangle their kids onto a plane for what will be their only vacation that year. There are plenty of things that annoy your flight attendants, but they can only grin and bear it. But if you really knew what was going on behind that smile, you’d be in for a surprise. They actually hate it when passengers ask for this drink.

They’re Not Just Being Nice


It’s always reassuring to see your flight attendants greeting you as you enter the aircraft. Sure it’s excellent customer service but they actually have an ulterior motive for doing so.

As the passengers enter the plane, the flight attendants are making assessments. They look over each and every passenger and make mental notes of who might be problematic, who is traveling alone, or for those passengers who might be in need of extra assistance if they’re handicapped or traveling with children. They are also seeing who might be useful in an emergency.