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The Great Wall Of China Can Be Very Crowded

Great Wall Of China
MyLoupe/UIG/Getty Images & STR/AFP/GettyImages
MyLoupe/UIG/Getty Images & STR/AFP/GettyImages

Beautifully long and incredibly built, the Great Wall of China was originally intended to protect the northern borders. Allegedly, over one million people died throughout the building process. These days, it sees over 10 million people visit each year.

It’s recommended that visitors venture to the wall from April through May and from September to November. While it is open in the summer, the popular sections get extremely overcrowded with eager tourists. In the winter, it’s cold and hazardous as ice forms on the stone – but at least it’s quiet! It’s widely believed that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible from space, but this is just a myth.