Appalling Facts You Never Knew About Adolf Hitler

Just about everyone agrees that Adolf Hitler was one of the worst people ever to live. While many of the details about his life have been exposed and studied, there are still some facts about the evil dictator that will surprise you. These are the 20 worst facts that you probably didn’t know about Adolf Hitler.

He Never Stepped Foot In A Concentration Camp

Even though this evil dictator was the creator of Jewish concentration camps, he actually never visited any of them. Hitler didn’t want to involve himself in the cruel activities that occurred inside the concentration camps. He was actually known to be quite squeamish. Because Hitler distanced himself from the atrocities he so heavily supported, a lot of Neo-Nazi’s believed that Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust and that colleague Heinrich Himmler kept Hitler in the dark about what actually happened in the camps. It’s probably highly unlikely since Hitler was the driving force behind the attempted annihilation of Jews in Europe.

Hitler Was Rejected As An Artist


Hitler was interested in the art world, but his own creations were never recognized as being very good. Having dropped out of school by his teens, he moved to Vienna where he truly lived the life of a starving artist. The problem was that most of his pieces were either too predictable or just didn’t make any sense. Hitler was rejected from art school at least three times. Since he lived poorly and wasn’t able to get into art school, he got by selling hand-drawn postcards to tourists. Although he mingled with Jews during this time, the city’s anti-Semitic sentiments toward’s Linz’s Jewish bourgeoisie are said to have influenced Hitler going into adulthood.

Hitler Practiced Speaking In A Strange Way

Although he is considered one of the vilest public figures in history, Hitler is noted as a charismatic speaker. The leader was known to practice his speeches in a weird, unconventional way. He was also said to take pictures of himself giving speeches to improve his facial expressions. The above photo is part of a series taken by photographer Heinrich Hoffman, who took these photos while Hitler was rehearsing a speech in 1925. After reviewing the photos, Hitler would adjust his facial expressions and hand gestures to improve the speech. He also reportedly didn’t like these photos and ordered Hoffman to destroy them, but Hoffman evidently didn’t obey.

He Almost Died In World War I

Adolf Hitler was not the best soldier and was shot during the first World War. During a battle against the British, he was actually shielded from harm by a young British battalion. Who would have thought that this kind gesture would have led to such awful consequences? Despite his sloppy demeanor as a soldier, Hitler was eager to please his superiors. He never complained about war conditions and never asked for time off. Throughout his time in the Bavarian Regiment, he was eventually promoted to Corporal. He would often nearly escape death, having moved from spaces that moments later would be afflicted by an exploding shell.

Hitler Wasn’t Packing

Even though he had a girlfriend and many rumored lovers, Hitler was definitely lacking in an important area. Adolf Hitler was actually missing one of his testicles, due to a birth defect. This is another reason why people say that he was so hateful towards women. Historians of Adolf Hitler’s sex life speculate that he even had a lot of sexual fetishes. Psychoanalyst Walter C. Langer reported to the American Office of Strategic Services in 1943 that Hitler had “repressed homosexual tendencies and opined that he was an impotent coprophile,” meaning that he took pleasure in his lovers doing their dirty business on him.

He LOVED Animation

Adolf Hitler was in love with everything animated, but he loved Disney movies especially. His favorite Disney movie was Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was sold by Roy Disney to Germany’s Propaganda Ministry in 1938 and although the film was never shown to the public, Hitler had a copy at his private theatre. He was reportedly upset at the innovative animation displayed in Snow White and that German animators didn’t have the capacity to match it. He also loved the entire concept of King Kong. He loved that the story was about a creature in captivity that slowly took over the world.

He Was Inspired By Henry Ford

Adolf Hitler definitely was inspired by American leaders that had taken power. Henry Ford was simply interested in making money and didn’t care about the treatment of his workers. Hitler was inspired by Henry Ford and even kept a portrait of him behind his desk because it served as inspiration. Henry Ford was notoriously anti-Semitic, which may have contributed to Hitler’s admiration of the American car maker. Ford also apparently allowed slave labor his German plants during WWII and was behind the European divisions of Ford Motor Company making equipment for the Nazi military.

Hitler Tried To Make An Army Of Talking Dogs

It’s no wonder why he loved animation so much. Adolf Hitler was always inspired to create things that were strange and out of the ordinary. During the years of World War II, Adolf Hitler tried to create an army of talking dogs. He believed that if he created this unbelievable army, it would throw off both the British and the Americans. The Nazis reportedly recruited “educated” dogs from all over Germany and enlisted them into a special dog school where they were taught how to “talk” and communicate with their paws. Researchers reported that one dog reportedly was able to say “Mein Fuhrer” when asked who Adolf Hitler was.

Hitler Was A Vegetarian And Created Laws Against Animal Cruelty

It’s ironic that Hitler was opposed to animal cruelty after all of the things that he did to his fellow human beings. Hitler was an incredibly devout vegetarian and would go after the men in his company for eating meat. He created laws protecting animals from unjust cruelty. His laws against animal cruelty were reportedly inspired after Hitler’s distress over seeing images of animal cruelty and suffering. This and his aforementioned flatulence problem are probably what contributed to him becoming a famous vegetarian, although he reportedly indulged in the occasional slice of ham or caviar to spice up the tediousness of his diet.

Hitler Could Not Stop Farting

According to his medical records, der Führer had a terrible flatulence problem and was forced to take around 30 different medicines for it, including one that contained strychnine, which is a form of poison. This medical condition was not something that could have been discussed. Even though many of the officers noticed the terrible smell, they would have lost their lives if they spoke up about it. It was an ailment that Hitler had experienced since he was a young boy. He would often get terrible stomach cramps in times of distress and the digestive issues only worsened when he became an adult.

Hitler Didn’t Arrest His Jewish Doctor

When Hitler was younger, his family’s doctor was Jewish and named Eduard Bloch. The Hitler family didn’t have much money, and the doctor didn’t charge the family because he knew they couldn’t afford the medical expense. During Hitler’s reign as dictator, he spared the life of this doctor and wouldn’t arrest him. Adolf Hitler is reportedly the first patient of the Hitler family seen by Dr. Bloch in 1904 after a lung ailment. Hitler was grateful to Bloch for caring for his poor family, especially during his mother’s fatal breast cancer. When Germany annexed Austria in 1938, a distressed Bloch wrote to Hitler asking for help and Bloch was allowed to leave, living out the rest of his life in America.

He Loved The Opera

Like art, Hitler admired fine music. In prison, he was heavily influenced by Wagner and would play opera during his meetings. He would also listen to opera before he went to bed so that it would soothe his mind. Hitler was once reported as saying, “Wagner’s line of thought is intimately familiar to me. At every stage of my life I come back to him.” Wagner’s Rienzi is thought to have inspired Hitler to pursue a political career as the story that Rienzi depicted is something that Hitler strongly identified with. Wagner’s final opera Parisfal is said to have been interpreted by Hitler and reflected his own ideological vision.

Hitler Wanted To Be A Holy Man

Hitler was obsessed with the Aryan race and was dedicated to creating a world around Christian values. This trait didn’t start when Hitler was older, it actually began when he was a child. Adolf Hitler originally wanted to be a priest, when he was the ripe age of four years old. He attended school as a boy at a monastery school, where he took part in the boy’s choir. He greatly admired the Abbot in charge of the monastery and was inspired, even playing priest and giving long sermons for fun at home. The ancient Catholic Benedictine monastery that Hitler attended was also reportedly decorated with woodwork that included swastikas.

The United States Tried To Feminize Him

The United States implemented many strange tactics during war time. However, this one might take the cake. The United States actually tried to feminize the dictator by putting estrogen into his food. This was the United States’ way of trying to make him less powerful and less liked by the German men. Their plan was to bribe Hitler’s gardener into injecting Hitler’s carrots with the estrogen hormone since it was tasteless and unnoticeable. The expected result was to make Hitler more compassionate or to debase his confidence. Apparently, the plan didn’t work out because Hitler employed many food testers or the gardener pocketed the American bribe and didn’t hold up his end of the deal.

He Struggled With A Fear Of Cats

Although this sounds unusual, many different leaders in world history have been afraid of cats and tigers. However, Adolf Hitler was truly, really afraid of cats. He shared this phobia with Alexander the Great and Osama Bin Laden. Who would have thought? In addition to Alexander the Great and Osama Bin Laden, Hitler shared ailurophobia — fear of cats — with other tyrannic leaders: Napoleon, Mussolini, Julius Caesar, and even Genghis Kahn. These allegations are quite interesting discoveries and it makes sense as to why Hitler left cats out of his talking dog endeavors.

April 20th Is A Terrible Date

April 20th, 1889 marked the birth of Adolf Hitler. The date would become a tragic one as on the 110th anniversary of Hitler’s birthday an incredibly terrible event occurred. April 20th, 1999 was the date of the mass shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. Many people speculated that the Columbine shooters were inspired by Hitler. It was reported that one of the shooters was expressing odd Nazi-inspired behavior in the months leading up to the shooting and after the tragedy it was discovered in the shooter’s journal that they expressed a hatred for the human race.

He Couldn’t Get A Driver’s License

Hitler was behind the promotion and the creation of the Volkswagen, which is a German-built car that is still popular today. Ironically enough, he was unable to drive one. It’s really in debates over whether or not Hitler actually knew how to drive, but one thing is certain to historians: Adolf Hitler never acquired a driver’s license. That didn’t mean he didn’t drive, but there is conflicting evidence over whether he did or not. In 1931 he actually was issued a speeding ticket. Although the car was not pulled over, an officer took note of the license plate and the speed, later sending the ticket to the owner of the plate, who just happened to be Adolf Hitler.

Hitler Pretended To Be Single

Adolf Hitler was in a relationship with Eva Braun and had other secret lovers, but pretended to be single. He believed that he was an attractive man and didn’t want women thinking that he was unattainable. Sorry, Eva. But it is also speculated that Hitler remained single in the public eye for a reason. Braun was allegedly so taken by Hitler that she wanted to marry him, even though he would not allow her to be seen with him in public. He was reported as saying, “I am married to the German people and their fate! …No, I cannot marry, I must not.”

He Gave People The Opportunity To Take In Refugees

Before the creation of the concentration camps, the ghettos, and the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler had actually reached out to many Western countries. He offered them the opportunity to take in refugees, however, no countries responded due to fear that refugees were actually Nazi spies. The consensus was unanimous, and they chose not to entice the possibility of a world war. Jewish refugees began feeling from Nazi Germany for some time and many nations gathered at the 1938 Évian Conference to discuss what they should do. When Hitler heard of this, he even said, “I can only hope and expect that the other world, which has such deep sympathy for these criminals [Jews], will at least be generous enough to convert this sympathy into practical aid.”

He Was Asleep On An Important Day

Adolf Hitler had narcolepsy. On D-Day, when Normandy was invaded, Adolf Hitler was fast asleep. Without waking him up, the German army didn’t know what to do. No one wanted to wake up the sleeping dictator… rightfully so. Hitler was probably fast asleep on D-Day because he wasn’t expecting the attack to happen. The Allies actually staged a great military deception that took a year to plan and execute. Operation Bodyguard was a secret ruse to dupe Adolf Hitler and the Nazi military. they employed the use of double agents, body doubles, and even fake radio transmissions to throw the Nazi’s off their trail.

His Alleged Skull Belonged To Someone Else

There have been a lot of theories speculating that Adolf Hitler didn’t commit suicide on the day of his death. However, scientists recently did a test on the skull that was supposedly Hitler’s, and it tested positive to be female. This finding adds to the ongoing controversy. Archaeologist Nick Bellantoni was allowed to take samples of the skull fragment and test it himself. Bellatoni found that the skull fragment actually belonged to a female under the age of 40. Despite this finding, Russians insist that the skull fragment does indeed belong to Hitler.

He Loved Jesse Owens

After Jesse Owens won the gold medal at the Olympics, Adolf Hitler became his biggest fan. Hitler reached out to the athletic star by writing him a letter and offering him congratulations on his triumphant win. Hitler was reportedly one of the only politicians present to do so, although the fact that this ever happened is still greatly debated. Although Owens says he was able to meet The Fuhrer when cameras weren’t present, the true astonishment comes from the lifelong friendship he formed with his German opponent, Luz Long, who had immense respect for Owens as an athlete and a person, which apparently angered Hitler.

Hitler Couldn’t See The View From The Eiffel Tower

When Hitler invaded France, the French didn’t want him to experience all of their charmed wonders. The French actually cut the cables in the Eiffel Tower so the lift compartment wouldn’t function properly. The French made a bold attempt to ruin Hitler’s happiness in France. But Hitler’s one and only visit to Paris would be one that he would rave about for months afterward. He was so impressed by the city, especially by Napoleon’s tomb. He reportedly told everyone that he preferred to stay on the ground when visiting the Eiffel Tower, but now you know what actually happened.

No Smoking For This Dictator

When he was a young man, Hitler was a heavy smoker, sometimes smoking up to 25 to 40 cigarettes in one day. But after deciding that the habit was a huge waste of money and that it was a decadent activity, he quickly turned on it. Hitler hated the smell of smoke, whether it be from cigarettes or cigars. He created one of the biggest-anti smoking campaigns during the World War, which took a different approach from the United States. The campaign focused on the health issues that smoking could cause. He persuaded his close friends to quit, even offering them a gold watch if they did.

He Kept The Makeup Industry Alive


In order to make money for the war effort, many different companies and fields were closed down in order to pump money into the endeavor. Even so, Hitler refused to let the makeup industry suffer because he didn’t want to let Eva Braun down. He might have invested some funds into the makeup and clothing industry to keep his women happy. It is also plausible that as a lover of the arts, especially opera, Hitler may have invested money into the makeup and costume industry to keep the arts and opera alive.

He Wanted His Men To Fight Each Other

Adolf Hitler wanted power so badly that he wasn’t afraid of his army men fighting each other. He would give officers contradictory instructions so that they would argue. This was to ensure that officers would have to listen to his every word, creating more power and control for him. This should come as no surprise since Hitler was known to be a manipulative political figure in history. It is said that he rigged ballots just to win elections and his intense propaganda forced citizens to conform to his ideals. In the years leading up to World War II, Hitler won his election by 98.9 percent.

Hitler Wouldn’t Have Liked FIFA

Adolf Hitler was not the biggest fan of football, or soccer, as it is known in the U.S. There was absolutely no way for him to fix the game or to predict that the German national team could win. Still, Hitler and the Nazi party had a tremendous influence on football at the time, using it as a part of their propaganda campaigns. Teams were ordered to do the Nazi salute and to play patriotic songs before games. It was during this time that Felix Linnemann was appointed the head of the DFB, the head of the German Football Association, and Linneman was used to endorspropagandapoganda throughout the game.

His Successor Was Feared Even More Than Him

Many people feared Adolf Hitler, but most people actually feared the person to follow in his footsteps. Presumably, they thought that the hatred would grow worse with the new leader. Soldiers in the German army sincerely thought about killing Hitler but didn’t because they believed Joseph Goebbels were a larger threat to the world. Before his suicide, Hitler didn’t announce a new Fuhrer of Germany but instead named Goebbels as the Chancellor of Germany. In his only act as Chancellor, Goebbels suggested a truce, since he knew defeat was imminent. Loyal to Hitler, he didn’t leave Germany after their defeat and instead poisoned himself, his wife, and his six children.

Hitler Respected The Chinese And The Japanese

Hitler didn’t like American history or anything that was not Eurocentric, but he believed that the history of the Chinese and the Japanese was important. He respected them because of what they contributed to the world and didn’t believe that they were a lesser race. Hitler is quoted as saying, “Pride in one’s own race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”

He Admired Courageous Efforts By The Greeks

When the Nazi party and the German army invaded Greece, they were greeted by angry natives who didn’t want to give up their land. It was this courageous stand-off that prompted Adolf Hitler to release all of his Greek prisoners of war. But that doesn’t mean that the atrocities brought on by Hitler were not seen in Greece. The Holocaust found itself in Greece due to the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II. The Axis powers all had a stake in Greece, leaving the country in critical condition, despite the fight they put up to maintain their land. Greek resistance concurrent with the Asix occupation eventually led to a civil war within Greece.

Hitler Injected Himself With Some Icky Things

Adolf Hitler was involved in some pretty disgusting things that included Eva and the bedroom. He would inject himself with bull “seed” to become more “manly.” Yikes! That’s some serious dedication. According to The Telegraph, a book titled Was Hitler Ill? recounts the papers of Dr. Theodor Morrell, who Hitler relied upon heavily during the second world war. The Telegraph reports that “in 1944, Morrell began giving Hitler injections of the testosterone and a cocktail made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls into his bloodstream. Hitler, then 55, believed this would give him the necessary energy for his encounters with his young lover, [Eva Braun].”

Hitler Might Have Had An Incestuous Past

Eva Braun…circa 1940: Eva Braun (1910 – 1945) mistress of Adolf Hitler and later his presumed wife. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
Eva Braun…circa 1940: Eva Braun (1910 – 1945) mistress of Adolf Hitler and later his presumed wife. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

According to letters and testimonials, Adolf Hitler was strangely close with his niece, Angela Maria “Geli” Raubal. He was heavily involved in her life and would spend weeks with her. Through mutual letters, it was understood that there was incestuous past between them. Wilhelm Stocker, an officer at the time who knew Geli, once wrote, “She admitted to me that at times Hitler made her do things in the privacy of her room that sickened her but when I asked her why she didn’t refuse to do them she just shrugged and said that she didn’t want to lose him to some woman that would do what he wanted.”

He Had An Enemy In His Nephew

Initially, Adolf Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, attempted to use his uncle’s rise to power to his benefit. He even attempted to blackmail der Führer, once it became clear that he wouldn’t be promoted as quickly as he expected. Eventually, William gave up and fled Nazi Germany, writing an article entitled, “Why I Hate My Uncle” for London’s Look Magazine. William would end up in America, joining the Navy in 1944 after receiving special permission from Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was wounded and received a purple heart, and after being discharged, he made the wise decision to change his last name to Stuart-Houston.

There Were At Least 42 Hit Attempts On Hitler’s Life

Adolf Hitler was one of the most targeted people in world history. He had his supporters, but most people who were in the Nazi party were simply afraid of what he would do to them or their families if they didn’t follow Hitler. Many of his own officers attempted to murder him by poison or gunshot. There were an estimated 42 assassination attempts. One of the earliest attempts was in 1938 when a Swiss student named Maurice Bavaud began stalking Hitler because he believed The Fuhrer was an incarnation of Satan and Bavaud believed it was his spiritual duty to kill him. Bavaud planned to shoot Hitler during a parade, but when Hitler arrived, the crowd stood up in a Nazi salute and blocked his view. Bavaud gave up and tried to stow away on a train, but was arrested and later executed when police discovered his plot to kill Hitler.

Hitler Wasn’t From Germany


Even though Adolf Hitler is remembered as one the of the worst dictators in German history, he wasn’t native to the nation he took so much pride in. The dictator was actually born and raised in Austria, which is Germany’s neighboring country. Hitler moved to Germany later in life. What was then known as Austria-Hungary was comprised of many different ethnic makeups. Hitler himself was ethnically German and spoke German, although he grew up in Austria. He avoided being drafted into the Austria-Hungary Army during WWI by moving to Germany and joining the German army, which he believed was more pure as opposed to the other army that had Jews and Slavs.

Adolf Hitler Didn’t Have A Degree

Even though Adolf Hitler was a powerful speaker (no matter how malicious the content), he was surprisingly uneducated. He was not a high school graduate, and he only learned how to read and write at a basic level. This might be one of the reasons why he was able to convince the largely uneducated working class of Germany that he understood their struggles and would make their lives better. As it is known that he wanted to be an artist in his early life, Hitler wanted to go to a classical high school. But his father, with whom he was at odds in his youth, enrolled Hitler in a technical high school. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that he intentionally did poorly in school so that when his father “saw what little progress I was making at the technical school he would let me devote myself to my dream.”

He Wanted Moscow To Be Completely Different


Hitler had his own vision for how Russia should look after the war. His biggest idea was to create an underwater city, like Venice, in place of the existing Moscow. He also entertained the thought of turning Moscow into a literal lake. Those were some of the less atrocious plans that Hitler had for the Russian city. He had also planned on complete annihilation of the Russian people in those cities. German General Franz Halder wrote in his diary that Hitler planned to “dispose fully of their population, which otherwise we shall have to feed during the winter.”

Adolf Was A Chocoholic

Munich. Mussolini et Hitler at tea time, 1937, Germany. (Photo by: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)
Munich. Mussolini et Hitler at tea time, 1937, Germany. (Photo by: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)

Adolf Hitler ate a lot of chocolate, as in almost three bars of the stuff a day! No matter what, he would always have this food tested by tasters, knowing that everyone that he was close with was aware of his chocolate obsession. He had to be sure that his favorite treat was safe from poison. But after determining that his food was safe to eat, Hitler was known to have quite a sweet tooth. In an interview with Salzburger Nachritchten, Hitler’s former maid Elisabeth Kalhammer revealed that “A ‘Fuhrer Cake’ – an apple cake strewn with nuts and raisins – had to be baked each day and left out every night. He was also partial to chocolate biscuits and scones with tea,” as reported by Independent.

Hitler Was Always High…

Adolf Hitler liked to experiment with drugs. He was an avid user, and many people suspected that he enjoyed crystal meth. Hitler enjoyed taking drugs because of his misconception that they would cause him to think more clearly, which turned out to be the opposite of the truth. German author Norman Ohler wrote Blitzed, which according to The Guardian, “reveals the astonishing and hitherto largely untold story of the Third Reich’s relationship with drugs, including cocaine, heroin, morphine, and, above all, methamphetamines… and of their effect on Hitler’s final days – the Fuhrer, by Ohler’s account, was an absolute junkie with ruined veins by the time he retreated to the last of his bunkers.”

He Was Nominated For A Noble Peace Prize

Before the Nazi party came into power Adolf Hitler was well-respected by other world leaders. He even appeared on the cover of TIME magazine before the second World War, as the publication’s man of the year. It’s even more shocking that he was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize as well. Swedish Parliamentarian Erik Brandt nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939. Brandt only did this in retaliation to other Swedish Parliamentarians nominated British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who signed an agreement with Hitler to hand over the Czechoslovakian area of the Sudetenland to Germany. Brant’s nominated of Hitler was supposed to be ironic and not taken seriously, but many people were still outraged by it.