What Is Love? Apparently, People Know Better With #BetterThanILoveYouInThreeWords

Love comes in so many different ways. Relationships, food, or maybe you’re a passionate sports fan. You blurt out those three little words like you’re on some sort of strange high. Then, there’s heartbreak when relationships end, the food sucks, and your team constantly loses.

But, you know what’s better than saying “I love you?” Lots of exciting things! People on Twitter are revealing what they love more than saying ‘I love you’ and it’s a riot. If you never experienced that kind of feeling or despise it, this is right up your alley.

Drinks On Me

Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sarah_Joyous/Twitter
Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sarah_Joyous/Twitter

Heck yeah! You shouldn’t have to ask anyone twice. Just tell us where and when and we’ll be ready to drink the night away!

This would be good to say when your friend wants to call it a night. That’s when you step in and offer to buy them “one more” drink.