Proof That Nature Is Scarier Than You Think

A rose that grew from concrete, double rainbows and a moth turning into a butterfly are all beautiful aspects of nature. Of course, there are other amazing features of nature that people love to appreciate but there are also some pretty terrifying creatures and disembodiments as well. This list is only for the brave so try your hardest and witness all the time’s nature got scary.

To The Underworld

Lava of souls.jpg

This is a lava pit that looks like it leads to the devil. The tar even looks like lost souls being sucked into the fiery abyss. If that lady isn’t careful then she could end up in a pretty hot situation.

Don’t Reach In There

mama centipeded protecting.jpg

What you are looking at is a mother centipede. This mother is protecting her babies. I have never seen an insect that looks this creepy and dangerous. Imagine putting your hand in there by accident and touching that alien-like bug. That would be one interesting feeling.

Landslide Of Doom

landslide of death.jpg

This was one crazy landslide. the detour for this must have been extremely annoying and how long did it take for this to fix this? Hopefully, there was no one who got trapped in the dirt and debris while it was happening. I feel sorry for the construction workers handling this.

Fox In The Block

frozen fox.jpg

This fox reportedly fell into the ice and was uncovered frozen in a cube of ice. Once found, he was carved into shape and left on the ice as a “scarecrow” to keep people off the ice. Seeing a frozen fox is a tad bit creepy wouldn’t you agree?

Spiked Skeleton

spiked skelton.jpg

This fish or whatever you want to call it looks highly unordinary. The eyes on it are huge and the mouth looks like it was capable of eating another fish whole with just one bite. And did we mention there are spikes on the skeleton? That’s as creepy as it gets.

Big Crab Baby

scary head crab.jpg

If you saw this thing just crawling around, chances are you would question if the environment you are in is good for your well-being. A crab with a baby’s head on it is quite alarming mainly because it’s something you don’t really see every day or at all.

Resurrected Frog

wb frog.jpg

The frog that rose again. This frog was found outside of a shop flattened with no life. The owner thought it would be a good idea to pour some water on it and sure enough, this little guy came back to form and was ready for action.

One Dangerous Nest

nest of wasp.jpg

Once again, a doll gets tied up in nature and the results are daunting. Wasps are already a scary insect because their stingers are quite painful. But to see them flying in and out of a baby doll in a tree only makes them worse.

An Island Of Fire Ants

floating ants.jpg

Yes, you are looking this correctly. That is a herd of ants that formed together during Hurricane Harvey so they could float safely together. Smart thinking on their part but a terrifying sight for us to see in real life. They could easily disband and attack you.

Just How Many Bees?

honey dripping yea.jpg

What you see is an image of honey seeping through the electric outlet on the wall. That means there are bees inside the walls producing honey. Having bees inside your wall is not a treat or a joy. They can easily find a way in a sting you. That’s not fun.

The Plant Of Death

devil finger thing.jpg

This is when the underworld finds a way into the real world. Not only does this “plant” look wild and devilish, it looks like something straight from a sci-fi movie. I wouldn’t get near it even if you paid me. Whatever that is exactly, needs to be left alone.

Snake Creature?

snake apillar.jpg

The body of this thing looks like a caterpillar. Nothing scary about caterpillars at all, they’re gently insects. But why does this one have the head of a snake? Is this some type of new creature that was found or a fusion of the two? Whatever part of the world these things are found, you won’t find me.

A New Transformation

shed yourself.jpg

Strolling through nature is always fun and a good time. That is until you come across something like this that looks like its transforming into an alien from another planet. Imagine that thing turned into that while you were walking by and proceeded to fly in your direction.

Killer Fish Teeth


Swimming in the water and running into this can completely ruin your mood for future trips to the beach. If that thing were to latch on to your foot on any part of your body, consider yourself lunch! Those teeth look extremely sharp and capable, so be careful in the ocean.

The Great Escape

eating through viper.jpg

This insect was swallowed whole by this viper, no big deal. The insect’s escape is what matters. If it was able to survive a viper eating it and it’s insides then this bug is nothing to mess with. Take a good mental image of it so you know just in case you run into it in the wild.

The Burning Tree

burning tree thing.jpg

Apparently, lightning struck this tree, however, this wasn’t the direct aftermath. This tree was burning like this a day later as well. Is it going to explode? I don’t know what’s going to happen but coming across this would put some interesting thoughts in people’s minds.

A Human Fish?

human teeth fish.jpg

The teeth this fish possess look awfully familiar. Maybe that’s because those look exactly like human teeth! This creeps you out because it makes you wonder how it obtained human like features. Evolution could have brought this fish to this stage but why would it need human like teeth?

Another Scary Nest

scary head nest.jpg

This was found in a man’s shed that was left alone for an extended period of time. The scary head feature is from a wood carving that was in the shed and apparently, a nest was formed over it. Walking into the shed and seeing this for the first time must have been borderline heart-stopping.

A Special Golden Fish


If you thought the fish with the human teeth was strange, just look at this one. A gold tail with a weird mouth and crazy teeth. This is another creature that looks like it’s from a sci-fi show or movie. Coming across this would be a bad thing I’m willing to bet.

Husk Heads

husk heads.jpg

What you see are dying flowers. But on first glance, it looks like little heads in the plants. Ghostly faces too, flowers don’t usually look this way when they’re dying out so this is particularly creepy. But now you know just in case you run into something like this.