Real Laws That Are So Bizarre You’ll Start To Think Lawmakers Are Actually Just Four-Year-Old Kids

Most laws are put in place for the protection of the people and their interests. But, the odd time, the government gets a little bit wonky and decides to pass legislation that is not only confusing, but silly and irrelevant.

You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that the lawmakers who passed these laws were obviously lobbied by their four-year kid who, for example, wanted it to be illegal for a chicken to cross the road. Why? Who really knows.

You Must Be 18 Or Older To Play Pinball In South Carolina

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

There are many things that have age restrictions, and for good reason. Drinking, smoking, and driving all require you to be over a certain age in order to participate.

But, you might be surprised to find out that pinball machines have an age restriction in South Carolina. This isn’t a joke. You have to be 18 to play.

Donkeys Cannot Sleep In Bathtubs In Arizona

Photo Credit: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

This is absolutely blasphemous. How dare we say that donkeys cannot sleep in a bathtub?

Arizona is a great state with some unbelievable scenery, but this is where I will draw the line. Anyone who has had a nap in a bathtub knows the absolute bliss of doing it. Awful law.

Putting Salt On Railroad Tracks Can Be Punishable By Death In Alabama

Photo Credit: Praful Gangurde/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

There are many things that you shouldn’t be able to put on train tracks. I mean, a human body would be a good place to start.

But, you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t a body, or fire, or even breaking the railroad in half that’s punishable by death in Alabama. That belongs to salt.

Fishing While Sitting On A Giraffe’s Neck Is Forbidden In Illinois

Photo Credit: Yahya Sezgin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

There are many laws on this list that make me want to scratch my head in absolute dismay. This one is a real head-scratcher.

How many people have to bring a giraffe fishing in order for the government to actually take action? I’m guessing at least six. I could be wrong, though.

Two Cows Before You Can Wear Cowboy Boots In Blythe

Photo Credit: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE

It’s fairly unusual to have laws based on what people can and can’t wear. Perhaps the most common is no shoes, no shirt, no service at some restaurants but that’s more of a preference than legislation.

In Blythe, California you have to own two cows before you’re allowed to own cowboy boots.

You Can Be Stopped By The Police For Biking

Photo Credit: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

I can actually get behind this law and I’m surprised that it isn’t implemented in more states. In Connecticut, if you’re biking over 65 mph, you can actually get pulled over by the police.

Um, if someone is able to go 65 mph on a bike they probably aren’t human. That’s extremely fast to be able to petal.

It’s Illegal To Flush A Toilet After 10 PM In Switzerland

Photo Credit: ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images

After seeing this law, I think it’s very easy to understand how people in Switzerland get bowel issues. They can’t go to the bathroom past 10 pm.

I don’t know about you, but post-10 pm bathroom trips are the most relaxing ones of the day. I really dislike this law. It’s crappy (pun intended).

Whistling Underwater Is Illegal In Vermont

Photo Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images for IRONMAN

Look, if you can whistle underwater, we’re going to have a lot of problems with you. In fact, if you are underwater with me and I hear the humming of Mary Had A Little Lamb coming from your wet mouth, I’m calling the police.

You’re officially amphibious and therefore not from this planet. You’re an alien.

Next Door Neighbors Can’t Lend Their Neighbors Their Vacuum Cleaners In Colorado

Photo Credit: Felix Man/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

You know how you’re supposed to share and care for your neighbors? I mean, I feel like that’s what all the religions and people of power tell us.

In Colorado, the same is true. Well, kind of. You’re not allowed to share your vacuum cleaner. Again, it’s not a joke.

It’s Illegal To Sleep On Top Of A Refridgerator Outdoors In Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. After a night out on the town, you grab your post-bar pizza and you just want to sleep. In fact, you don’t care where you sleep, you just know you want to.

Most of us find the closest outdoor fridge and settle in for the night. Oh wait, we don’t?

It Is Illegal To Rob A Bank And Shoot The Teller With A Water Gun

Photo Credit: Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

I guess the people in Louisiana don’t like to have a little fun with water guns. As a kid, you know the joy of squirting your friend, or even better, your parent in the face with a water gun.

Apparently, in other states, if you rob a bank with a water gun and get the bank teller a little wet, it’s illegal. I feel like there’s a lot of illegal stuff happening, and the water is the least of their worries.

It’s Illegal To Buy Drinks For More Than Three People At A Time In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for Stillhouse Spirits Co.

Um, what? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. At least that’s what everyone is telling me. If you’re going there for a night out, bring your dignity, wallet, and classy clothing — but, you can forget about bringing a tray that fits four drinks on it.

It’s illegal to buy drinks for more than three people at a time.

In Baltimore, It’s Illegal To Bring A Lion To The Movies

Photo Credit: Wang Yanbing/VCG via Getty Images

This is an absolute disaster. I cannot believe that there’s a law prohibiting a lion from going to the movie theater.

I’m not even lion about this law. Okay, I’m sorry, that’s the last pun of the article. In other news, lions aren’t good movie dates because they judge you while you eat your popcorn.

No One May Cross Minnesota State Lines With A Duck On Top Of Their Head

Photo Credit: Tao Zhang/Getty Images

Duck owners, listen up. You’re not allowed to cross Minnesota state lines if you have a duck on your head.

I feel like this might stem from a state-wide hatred of the Oregon Ducks, but I’m still investigating the root cause. There’s absolutely NO sane conclusion that I can think of.

It’s Illegal For Chickens To Cross The Road In Georgia

Photo Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

This joke is just too easy to write. So are you ready for it? Why did the chicken cross the road in Georgia? He didn’t because it’s literally illegal.

Once you stop laughing, I’ll get to the substance of why they have this law. Oh wait, there is no substance because THEY ARE CHICKENS AND THEY LIVE A LAWLESS LIFE!

Donut Holes May Not Be Sold In Parts Of Nebraska

Photo Credit: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

You know what state I’m never going to be living in now? Nebraska. Why? Because there are parts of it that literally don’t allow donut holes to be sold.

Do they have a fun police too? How about a delicious dessert police? Let our friends from the great state of Nebraska EAT.

It’s Illegal To Buy Or Sell Chewing Gum In Singapore

Photo Credit: David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’re a gum lover, you now know exactly where you shouldn’t go on vacation. There’s no gum allowed in Singapore. They literally have a prohibition.

Why? Well, they say that they want to keep their streets clean. Forget the streets, they’ll have the cleanest surfaces under chairs and tables in the world.

Waking A Sleeping Bear For A Photo Opportunity Is Forbidden In Alaska

Photo Credit: STEPHAN JANSEN/AFP/Getty Images

I don’t know about you, but I’m not waking up a bear for ANY reason. Heck, if I was a Coca-Cola lover and I knew that there was a polar bear with lots of cans stocked up, I STILL wouldn’t wake them.

There is nothing good that can possibly come from that.

In Scotland, You Must Allow Someone Into Your House If He Knocks On Your Door To Use The Bathroom

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This is a burglar’s wet dream. If you ever have a desire to rob a house very easily (which I hope you don’t, but I’m being realistic), please go to Scotland.

They have a law that you must allow someone into your house if they knock and need to use the washroom.

It’s Illegal To Drive A Dirty Car In Russia

Photo Credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

I agree with this law. Probably not for the same reason that the Russian government agrees with this law, but that’s okay.

I think you should have pride in what you drive. If your car is dirty, that usually a sign that you don’t have your life together. I have no stats or studies that say it’s true.