The Most Dangerous Toys Of All Time That Somehow Made It Onto The Shelves

Let’s be honest, toys basically defined our childhood. From your favorite doll that you never slept without to your Lego blocks, kids were in a completely blissful state when they were around their toys.

But, looking back, some of them were actually pretty dangerous. While many of us got lucky by not getting hurt hurling around our toys, some people just weren’t that fortunate. This article dives into the most dangerous toys of all time and dissects what made them so harmful. It’ll make you scratch your head, and honestly, give you a little sense of nostalgia too.

Fidget Spinners

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Thamkc

Oh man, where do I even begin with fidget spinners? They were the toy of 2017 and honestly, I still don’t understand it.

But, the plastic spinner posed as a huge choking hazard. If one of the parts broke off, they could harm a small child if they put it in their mouth.

Slip N’ Slide

Photo Credit: Jamey Price/Getty Images

But, but, how? Don’t do this to me. Most slip N’slides are made for kids, but that’s never stopped the adults who think they’re kids. The problem is that the added weight and height only add to the acceleration, which can lead to spinal cord injuries.

The company that made them had to recall nine million in 1999 after adults and teens were getting hurt left, right, and center.

Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Cabbage Patch Kids were a must-have for any kid back in the day. But that was before the toy started trying to eat fingers. The Snacktime edition had a mechanical jaw that was to chomp down on food when you fed them.

But, the doll couldn’t tell whether it was a finger or food, so it ate both. They had to recall the toy after many finger injuries.

Easy Bake Oven


Honestly, I’m not going to lie — the Easy Bake Oven was probably my favorite toy as a youngster. Being able to cook your own pastries was a gift that kept on giving.

Unfortunately, they’re pretty dangerous. Several kids were burned after getting their fingers caught in the appliance. The company has released a new electric oven that’s much safer now.


Photo Credit: Getty Images / Keystone

If you didn’t almost knock yourself out with a clacker, did you really have a childhood? Those things were taken off the market with haste because they were a major safety hazard.

The balls were made from acrylic which would break VERY easily. Tiny shards would fly everywhere, including at your face.



The CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit allowed for kids to channel their inner investigator. But, like a real life investigator, it was pretty dangerous.

The kit came with a special fingerprinting powder. The powder in question turned out to contain five percent asbestos. Instead of waiting for a recall, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization filed a civil action to stop the sale.


Photo Credit: Getty Images / Saul Loeb

This toy was never marketed toward children, but many still got their hands on it. The popular Buckyballs were forced to be recalled in 2012 after over 1,500 kids visited the ER when they ingested the magnets.

I don’t know how much “unlimited fun” you’re going to have in the hospital, but to each their own.

Toy Crossbows

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Bancroft Media

Another day, another really fun looking toy that also looks extremely dangerous. Projectile launchers have historically caused problems and it’s easy to see why.

China recently had to crack down on toothpick crossbows because, well, they’re literally firing toothpicks. I don’t know if you’ve felt the end of one but they’re sharp.

Barbie And Tanner

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Let me get this out of the way and just state for a fact that ALL of us have had a Barbie in our lives at one point or another. But, this 2007 set that looked to promote pet ownership didn’t check all of the safety boxes.

The magnet in the dog would often come loose and if a kid decided to eat it, there could be some harm done.

Atomic Laboratory Kits

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Bettmann

This lab kit from the 60’s actually contained four types of uranium ore. No, I’m not kidding. They should probably call this the Chernobyl Kit because that’s how dangerous it could be.

Science-based kits are still very popular today, but I just think they’re a little less nuclear. I could be wrong, though.


Photo Credit: Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images

It shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that trampolines are on this list. They’re incredibly popular and, let’s face it, incredibly fun.

These bounce pads send about 90,000 people to the hospital EVERY YEAR. I think it’s safe to say that they might be the most dangerous toy of all time.

Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game

Photo Credit: Tim Whitby/Getty Images

After arsenic, lead is the second most deadly household toxin around. It’s recommended that a toy have no more than 40 parts per million of lead.

Well, tell that to the makers of the Hannah Montana game. It contained 75 times that amount — 3000 parts per million. It didn’t have to get recalled because the lead was found in its vinyl and not the paint.

Mini Hammocks

Photo Credit: EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

Honestly, who hasn’t laid in one of these? Hammocks are incredibly relaxing. They’re mildly scary, but also relaxing. The idea that an uneven weight transfer to any side could send you spinning to the ground is a little uneasy.

In 1996, there was a recall of three million mini hammocks after 12 deaths to children.


Photo Credit: Getty Images / Christopher Furlong

It was perhaps the most popular toy to have back in 2015. If you didn’t get one of these for Christmas or your birthday that year, you knew someone who did.

But, there was a dangerous flaw that ended up killing a three-year-old. Some boards tended to burst into flames, which is what happened with the tragic passing of a little kid after it parked a house fire.

Austin Magic Pistol


I mean, how can we forget about miniguns? The two most dangerous miniguns happened to be created in the 50s (not all that surprising).

The Austin Magic Pistol used “magic crystals”— which was actually calcium carbide — to launch ping pong balls. But, if any water got into the gun it would literally explode. Not fun.

Lawn Darts

Photo Credit: Getty Images / AllKindza

If you thought that weighted spikes that fly through the sky were slightly dangerous, you’re probably right. While it’s advertised as a fun, family game, it can be anything but.

There were three fatalities in the 70s and 80s and another 6,000 hospital visits. They were banned for good in 1988. Yikes.

Baby Inflatables


Aqua Leisure had a variety of Baby Boat products which were geared towards allowing babies to float around. It sounds like a time full of fun, but the boat’s leg straps were prone to breaking.

That would allow the baby to slide through. Four million boats were recalled after nearly 30 infants almost drown.

Aqua Dots

Photo Credit: Flickr / matthewzuckerman

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to understand that GHB and kids toys probably shouldn’t be mixed. But, Aqua Dots did just that.

GHB is a drug that makes you black out with no recollection of anything. Three children went into comas after swallowing the toxic pieces. They ended up recalling 4.2 million kits.



These are a popular building set from the 2000s. Like is inferred in the name, there are magnets incorporated into this toy.

In 2007, one kid ended up dying after swallowing the magnets while 28 others suffered serious injuries. They had to recall 4 million kits after those incidents. They have rebranded and made their product safer since.

Sky Dancers

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Mario Ruiz

Having to recall almost nine million of your products from stores is never a fun thing to do. But, that’s exactly what Galoob Toys Inc had to do with the Sky Dancers.

These flying fairies are more dangerous than they appear. There were more than 150 eye injuries and other facial cuts after a cord was pulled which launched the toy into the air.