This Guy Found A Safe In His Warehouse And What’s Inside Will Change His Life Forever

A guy named Matt found this safe in a warehouse that he works in. The man who owned the safe didn’t pay his bill, so Matt’s boss said that he could open the safe.

Matt had seen videos on the internet about people opening abandoned safes and finding all kinds of antiques inside, so he was pretty excited. I guess his boss didn’t think he’d find anything valuable.

Cracking It Open

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First, Matt had to figure out how to open the safe. He tried a few different generic combinations, but none of those seemed to work.

He was going to try and pry it open with a crowbar, but he didn’t want to risk damaging anything fragile that might be inside the safe.

Open Sesame

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Matt decided that if he was going to do this properly, he would need to call in a professional. He found a guy on Craigslist who was willing to come over and crack the safe for a small fee.

The Craigslist guy opened the safe in under five minutes.

The Suspense Is Building

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After paying the Craigslist guy, Matt turned his attention to the safe. He was really excited to see what was inside. He was hoping there might be something cool in there, but because the safe was abandoned, he didn’t have much hope.

If there really was treasure in the safe, the person who owned it would have probably payed their bill.

The First Item

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The first items Matt pulled out of the safe were a few empty coin holders. This doesn’t look too promising. It would be cool if these coin holders will full of rare coins, but empty coin holders aren’t very valuable.

Why would somebody store these in a safe?

These Are Kind Of Cool

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Then Matt pulled out some random old bottles. These look pretty old. I bet somebody who collects old apothecary equipment would pay a good bit of money for these.

Maybe a vintage store would buy them and resell them. They may not be super rare, but they are pretty cool.

Um… These Are Empty Too?

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At first when Matt looked into the safe and saw these cardboard coin rolls, he thought he may have hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, these were empty too.

Matt was starting to lose hope, but he knew there was still more space at the back of the safe.

Old Locks Might Be Worth Something

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These locks look like they might have been attached to something worth a lot of money back in their day. Maybe they secured a treasure chest or some vintage motorcycles.

I bet these are worth some money as they are. People love old things.

Check Out These Collector Coins

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Finally, a holder for coins that isn’t empty. It looks like Matt hit the jackpot. I don’t know much about collector coins, but whoever collected these thought they were valuable enough to lock away in a safe.

I’d be pretty happy with this haul.

Who Signed This Baseball

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Maybe the person who owned this safe was a baseball fanatic. I don’t know who signed this ball, but there’s a good chance it was someone pretty famous.

Clearly, I know nothing about baseball. I think Matt is more of a football person. Still, this could be worth something to somebody.

Wait, There’s A Second Compartment?

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Matt thought he was done and he was pretty happy with all the treasures he’d found. He wasn’t expecting there to be anything that valuable inside, but the collector coins and signed baseball proved him wrong.

Then Matt started inspecting the back of the safe and he noticed that there was a second compartment.

Time To Freak Out

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Woah, that’s a lot of money! Matt was starting to get really excited. He never expected to find anything like this.

Do you know how many signed baseballs you could buy with this kind of cash? A lot of baseballs probably. Clearly, I don’t know how much baseballs are worth.

What? Even More?!

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Ok, things are starting to get crazy. I wonder if Matt’s boss will still let him keep his bounty. He better hide that cash quick or else the boss is going to want to get in on that action.

It looks like there’s enough to go around, though.

There’s Even More?

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Matt reached his hand back into the safe and pulled out even more cash. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He started thinking about all the things he could do with his new treasure.

He thought about taking his girlfriend to Disney World and staying in Cinderella’s castle.

This Is Insane

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Ok, that trip to Disney World just got upgraded to a trip to Australia. Matt has always wanted to go to Australia. He really likes Koalas and he’s never seen one up close.

At this point, he was completely freaking out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much cash in person.

He Just Keeps Finding Money

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This looks like some kind of foreign currency. I wonder what country it’s from, or what countries. It looks kind of French.

Does anyone know where this money is from? How many American dollars is this foreign currency worth? For Matt’s sake, I hope it’s worth a lot.

What Else Could Be Inside?

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After he fished out all of the cash, he found this little stack of gold plates. They look small, but Matt says that they’re pretty heavy.

You could probably sell these to one of those guys who sings about buying gold in low budget TV commercials.

Woah, Ok, Those Aren’t Little

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I think I would have fainted by this point. There’s no way Matt’s boss is going to let him keep all of this.

They might even have to report it to the authorities. All of this gold and money can’t be legal. I smell a scandal.

So Much Gold

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I can’t even believe my eyes right now. Who would abandon that much gold and money in a safe in a warehouse? How can you have this much and not afford to pay storage fees?

This safe is definitely worth the storage fees. I’m starting to get worried now.

The Safe That Keeps On Giving

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How did all those gold bars fit in that safe? I bet that Craigslist guy wishes he had stuck around for this.

Is anybody else starting to get suspicious? This is too good to be true, right? Most people just find dusty comics in safes like this.


Photo Credit: MattUnsworth / Imgur

Wow, that safe sure was deceptively roomy. Matt would like to thank the good people of the Universal prop department for not kicking him out during this photo shoot.

Good one, Matt. You really had us going for a while there. When did you start to realize that things weren’t quite adding up?