From Cover Athlete To The Back Page, These Stars Didn’t Age Well

After years of playing competitive sports, many athletes’ bodies don’t take retirement too well. While some people’s metabolisms are finally catching up to them, others are bundles of stress-related run-ins with the law, making them go from Sports Illustrated cover hot to, well, just not.

From heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson losing more than a little muscle definition to all of Patrick Ewing’s hair falling out and his metabolism catching up, see the then-and-now photos of these athletes who didn’t age well.

Then: John Daly Was Once A “Zero To Hero” Champion

“Long John” John Daly has been in the professional golf circuit since 1987. Known for his long drives off the tee, his 1991 PGA Tournament “zero to hero” victory, and 1995 Open Championship victory over Costantino Rocca, Daly was an underdog for a majority of his career.

John Daly Was Once A
Montana Pritchard/PGA of America via Getty Images
Montana Pritchard/PGA of America via Getty Images

Since 2006, Daly’s game has taken a turn for the worst. But, as it so happens, there might be a reason or two for his downfall.