20 Photos For People Who Just Freaking Love Rainbows

What’s your favorite color? Before you answer, you should know that you’re already wrong. The best color is all the colors. To pick one would just be unfair. Having a favorite color is like having a favorite child. It’s just not possible, or even ethical, probably.

Where are my fellow rainbow lovers at? Keep reading if you’re the kind of person who loves all things multicolored and secretly wants to name your first child Roy G. Biv.

A Wonderful Wedding Present

This bride’s parents wanted to get her and her new husband fiestaware as a wedding gift for their new apartment. They said she could pick any color she wanted, so obviously, she chose rainbow.

Photo Credit: rainbowbakery / Reddit
Photo Credit: rainbowbakery / Reddit

I love that all the stacks are in the correct rainbow order.