A Homeless Man Took Fate Into His Own Hands By Handing Out Resumes Instead Of Asking For Money

It’s not uncommon to see one or two homeless people at a major intersection in your city. Sadly, many drive by without a second glance. The stigma surrounding homelessness make many of us believe that homeless people are lazy, drug addicts, or bad people. In reality, most homeless people are just down on their luck and looking for a break.

One homeless man’s sign changed the mind of a woman driving through Silicon Valley. Check out how Jasmine Scofield was inspired by a well-dressed homeless man, and read on to see how some of your favorite entertainers were down on their luck at one point in their lives.

Jasmine Scofield Drove By A Homeless Man, But This Time Something Was Different

Photo credit: @jaysc0 / Twitter
Photo credit: @jaysc0 / Twitter

While she was driving through Silicon Valley, Jasmine was struck to see a homeless man selling his skills rather than asking for help.

Within a few hours, her tweet had gained thousands of retweets and replies. Many read his resume and began commenting and offering the mysterious homeless man help.