A Young Man Walked 14 Miles To Work, And It Proves That Managers Know How To Pay It Forward

Over the course of our lives, we can go through many difficult times. When it comes to work and business, some of us have experienced the moment when we have to keep going no matter what.

You have to perform at your best, like Michael Jordan and the infamous flu game. He was sick as a dog, but he stepped up to the plate to help the Chicago Bulls win another NBA Championship. But, when you’re a 20-year-old like Walter Carr, there was no turning back. What you’re about to see is something that changed his life for good.

Say Hello To Walter Carr

Walter is a 20-year-old college student who moved to Homewood, Alabama after he and his mother lost their home because of Hurricane Katrina.

Photo Credit: Walter Carr/Facebook
Photo Credit: Walter Carr/Facebook

One day, Walter hopes to become a marine, and what did on his first day of work could help him reach that goal.