After Flying His Drone Over A Hole In A Lake, This Man Was Left Stunned

Drones have changed the way we’re able to view the world around us. By strapping cameras onto these miniature flying machines, we can explore areas in nature that were previously unseen. One man in California was completely stunned when he made a discovery at a nearby lake using his drone. The story that follows feels like it came out of a movie. It also raised awareness of the very real danger that something like this presents.

An Unbelievable Sight

Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County, California. Local resident David Burgman was visiting the lake and using his drone when he made the most amazing accidental discovery.

hole in lake berryessa
YouTube/Secrets Caches
YouTube/Secrets Caches

Equipped with a camera on his drone, Burgman flew it over the lake when he saw something he couldn’t believe. In the middle of the lake was a hole that was slowly sucking in water. Where did this hole come from? What was it doing there?