America’s Most Successful Immigrants

Where Did Google Start?

Believe it or not, Sergey and co-founder Larry Page started Google in their dorm room at Stanford. This just goes to show that you can do pretty much anything if you put your mind to it, no matter what your situation is.

Brin, Sergey - Google-Gründer - mit seinem Partner Larry Page (r)
JOKER/Martin Magunia/ullstein bild via Getty Images
JOKER/Martin Magunia/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Sergey’s parents fled Soviet Russia because his father could not find a good job since he had a Jewish background. The family moved to the U.S. and Sergey went to a Montessori school when he was young. He didn’t visit Russia again until he was 17. When he did visit Russia, he thanked his father for taking them away from the country and threw pebbles at a police car.