Companies That Go Above And Beyond For Their Employees And They Have Me Reconsidering My Career Choice

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that employees are the heart of every company. Without them, you literally don’t have a business. Treating them with respect and fairness is becoming crucial to the success and prosperity of any business.

The emergence of perks and benefits isn’t necessarily new, but increasingly more companies are seeing their inherent value for not only satisfaction but also their bottom line. If you can keep your employees happy, most times it’s a direct correlation to a positive employee experience. It’s not a difficult task to introduce benefits and perks, but this article showcases companies that go above and beyond for their employees to create a magical work environment.

Netflix Is The Place For New Parents

If you’re an employee at Netflix, you get to take a whopping one-year paid maternity leave. After that, they have the option to return part-time or full time and can get extra time off if needed.

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Don’t fret if you’re not a new parent because you get some perks too. Netflix doesn’t track when you take time off, it’s based on trust. Also, your work day is based on when you get work done and not actual hours worked so if you’re done by 2 pm then that’s when you get to leave.