Danish Woman’s Astonishing Discovery on the Island of Hjarnø Has Researchers in Disbelief

It isn’t always a professional archaeologist who can dig up history-changing items. Hobbyists like you or me can stumble upon something great. That was exactly the case for Terese Refsgaard, a dental assistant and archaeological enthusiast. She wasn’t working as a professional archaeologist, yet Refsgaard still managed to discover something that was so amazing it left several researchers and archaeologists in disbelief.

Her discovery was so significant that people all over the world are talking about it. Read on to see her incredible find and be inspired to go out digging for yourself!

Terese Refsgaard Was Just A Hobbyist

Terese Refsgaard works as a dental assistant but has always had a deep interest in archaeology. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved exploring, as she is a very curious person. In her youth, Refsgaard spent her free time looking for stones that looked different from others and would imagine that they had carvings from ancient times.

About Terese Refsgaard
Terese Frydensberg Refsgaard / Facebook
Terese Frydensberg Refsgaard / Facebook

It was her curiosity that led her to make a discovery in a bog that would amaze everybody. When word of her discovery got out, professional archaeologists intervened to properly investigate her findings.