Everything Almost Went Horribly Wrong, But Luckily, It All Worked Out At The Last Minute

Sometimes all signs point to a tragic ending. You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, or you’re about to jump out of an airplane, or you’re getting chased by a bear (yes, a bear, keep reading this article if you want to see that happen) and it looks like all hope is lost.

But then, out of nowhere, the impossible happens. Everybody escapes unscathed. Read on to see the luckiest people in the world caught on camera.

The Ultimate Jenga Move

Photo Credit: Reddit

Grandpa’s reaction in the background is priceless. This is how you win at Jenga. You take risks, you live your life, and if the time is right, the tower will respect you.

There’s nothing worse than a timid Jenga player. Go big or go home.