Everything Almost Went Horribly Wrong, But Luckily, It All Worked Out At The Last Minute

Sometimes all signs point to a tragic ending. You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, or you’re about to jump out of an airplane, or you’re getting chased by a bear (yes, a bear, keep reading this article if you want to see that happen) and it looks like all hope is lost.

But then, out of nowhere, the impossible happens. Everybody escapes unscathed. Read on to see the luckiest people in the world caught on camera.

The Ultimate Jenga Move

Photo Credit: Reddit

Grandpa’s reaction in the background is priceless. This is how you win at Jenga. You take risks, you live your life, and if the time is right, the tower will respect you.

There’s nothing worse than a timid Jenga player. Go big or go home.

Oh No! A Fight! Oh, Wait…

Photo Credit: bsufin2day / Reddit

Just when you thought these two bros were going to have a real brawl in front of a food court KFC, they start performing this tumbling act worthy of a Ringling Brothers Circus.

What’s this? Dinner and a show? Count me in.

Never Give Up

Photo Credit: Haarif / Reddit

It’s not ever ’til it’s over. If you are determined to get your butt in a chair, you can be damn sure that you’re going to get your butt in that chair.

For a minute there it looked like he wasn’t going to make it, but luck and gravity were on his side.

That Was Close

Photo Credit:: Fawnedisc / Reddit

This kid is well aware of the fact that his friends are jerks who are going to try to ruin his birthday. He’s one step ahead of the game.

He’s got a cake shield tucked close to his body for situations just like this. I hope his friends remember that trick when he seeks revenge on their birthdays.

Cat-Like Reflexes

Photo Credit: Scaulbylausis / Reddit

The look on his face suggests to me that this cat knows about the gravity of this situation. He knows what will happen if he lets that phone drop, so he’s going to hold onto it for dear life.

I guess it wouldn’t be hanging from his claws if he wasn’t messing around with it in the first place.

Just Walk It Off

Photo Credit: DORAKKINGOFFISH / Reddit

What a graceful recovery. Bravo to you, sir. You couldn’t have landed that fall better if you tried.

You dropped your hat, though. You may want to strut on back and pick it up. Skateboarding is dangerous, guys. This dude should really be wearing a helmet.

Two Worlds, One Family

Photo Credit: Ashdiesalone / Reddit

You don’t have to be on the same team as another person to help them when they’re in need. This guy needed some help, and his opponent was right there to catch him when he fell.

This is what sportsmanship is all about.

Airplane Coming In For A Landing

Photo Credit: Bobby_Thellere / Reddit

This may be the closest call I have ever seen. How that man didn’t see or hear a giant plane coming his way is beyond me.

This whole incident could have been so much worse. Also, whoever caught this on video deserves an award.

This Pup Never Gave Up

Photo Credit: Rott3y / Reddit

Hardcore parkour! Or should I say, hardcore barkour. This little dog knows exactly how to get himself out of a tough situation.

The cameraman could have given him a hand, though, instead of just watching him perform daring doggy stunts all on his own.

This Is Why You Always Need A Backup Parachute

Photo Credit: StuffyUnicorn / Reddit

This is the only video I need to see to know that I never ever want to go skydiving. I don’t care how many backup parachutes there are, jumping out of a plane just doesn’t sound like a good time.

I think this guy has had enough adrenaline for one lifetime.

That Is One Lucky Kitten

Photo Credit: xosusan/ Reddit

Thank goodness for the man who stopped his car to take care of this precious kitten. This could have been a tragic day, but instead, a little kitten found a new home.

I wonder how he got on the highway in the first place.

Downhill Texting

Photo Credit: Liveonish / Reddit

The first guy to try to catch the phone looks like a cat trying to catch a laser beam. All of these skiers interrupted their day of fun to catch this guy’s phone, and that’s what being a human is all about.

Friends don’t let friends lose their cell phones.

Not Today, Boys

Photo Credit: namraka / Reddit

That giant fish almost ended up battered and deep-fried. Thank goodness he was able to wiggle his way out of that situation.

I bet those fishermen aren’t so happy about this whole situation, though. One fish’s victory is another man’s disappointment. You can’t win ’em all.

And They’re The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have…

Photo Credit: ilofty / Reddit

This could have gone so very wrong if that lion didn’t love weiner dogs. What if he thought those dogs were actual hotdogs for eating?

And why are those dogs so excited to see a lion? Lions are just big cats. They should either want to chase it or run away from it.

When Bears Attack

Photo Credit: 2dubs1bro / Reddit

Do you think a bike could go faster than a bear? LIke how fast can a bear run anyway? They seem kind of heavy and clumsy, but that bear looks like it can move.

This is definitely a situation that I never want to find myself in. Sorry bears, you’re super cute from a distance, but I definitely don’t want to get up close and personal.

Hanging On By A Paw

Photo Credit: l-Orion-l / Reddit

Aren’t cats supposed to be nimble? How did this guy end up hanging by a toenail from a multi-storey building?

Good thing his human was right there to break his fall. That backpack did a good job assisting with the rescue too.

I Think That Kid Has A Deathwish

Photo Credit: qui505092 / Reddit

If that kid was just a few inches taller, or if that girl tumbled one second earlier, somebody would definitely be on the ground crying right now— and it would probably be the kid who thought it was a good idea to stumble into a tumble path.

What was he trying to get to anyway? The mirror?

Those Signs Are There For A Reason

Photo Credit: timmy6169 / Reddit

This driver was almost hit by a falling boulder while he was driving on the Su-Hua Highway. You can see the falling rocks sign on the right side of the screen just before the boulder hits.

I don’t really know what you’re supposed to do in the case of a falling boulder. I guess just try your best to swerve out of the way.

This Lucky Idiot

Photo Credit: Crosstiger23 / Reddit

I cannot even express to you with words alone how incredibly stupid this is. Please for the love of all that is holy, never ever try this at home or anywhere else.

This could have gone so very wrong so quickly. Don’t jump on rocks, people. Stick to jumping on soft things that are close to the ground.

Cat Tries Very Hard To Contain His Evil

Photo Credit: Xyeeyx / Reddit

I’m sure on a conscious level, that cat just wants the baby to pet him and scratch him behind the ear and tell him he’s a good boy.

On a subconscious level though, there is something deep within his DNA that’s telling him he should use his claws to do some damage.