Find Out How A Single 23-Year-Old Became A Grandfather In Just 7 Days

How does a single young man in his early twenties become a grandfather in seven days? You can take your wildest guess, but you probably won’t ever figure it out. The answer is a story of love and patience. This is a story of how a 23-year-old emits selflessness on those around him. The story could turn into a feature-length film if producers wanted to do it. Take the time and find out how a young man became a young grandpa in only seven days.

Meet Tommy Connolly

Before everything changed, Tommy Connolly was a thriving college athlete. Then, one day he received a perplexing Facebook message. At 23-years-old, Connolly evolved into a father and a grandfather within a matter of days.

Facebook/Tommy Connolly
Facebook/Tommy Connolly

We know you’re wondering how this all happened. What was the message he got on Facebook? How is any of this possible? We assure you, it is and the story is breathtaking. Prepare for the ride; you’re in for a good one.