From Medical Mobile To Mini Mansion: Man Transforms Ambulance Into Tiny Dream Home On Wheels

The concept of tiny home living is nothing new at this point, but that doesn’t mean that people have stopped getting creative with it. Instead, the opposite is true. Take Michael Talley from Austin, Texas, for example. He purchased a used ambulance in decent shape, and with some elbow grease and a lot of creativity, he turned it into a portable home that anyone would be proud to live or travel in.

Meet Michael

Michael Talley is a designer in Austin, Texas, who enjoys turning vehicles into incredible tiny mobile homes. He’s already done that to a school bus and a van, which he lived in for a while before deciding to look for a new project.

Michael on ambulance

“Initially I considered another van or bus, but one morning I woke up, refreshed Craigslist and found this beautiful, boxy behemoth listed for sale,” he says. It was in pretty good shape and had been well-maintained, so he scooped it up and set out to start on the big transformation.