Digging Up The Past: Man Finds Buried Chain, Pulls It Up And Jumps Back

One of the greatest thrills is to discover something new for the first time. That’s exactly what happened to Mike Smith of Pembrokeshire, Wales. His childhood was spent wandering around outside trying to find the most unique things.

He was always sure to bring his trusty metal detector along with him. Mike continued to do this well into adulthood and never thought it would be possible to find anything truly extraordinary. When he stumbled upon an ancient buried chain, he decided to keep on digging. It’s a good thing he did.

Get To Know Mike Smith

The most important thing to know about Mike Smith of Pembrokeshire, Wales is that he loves exploring the outside world with his metal detector. It’s what he spent most of his free time doing as a child and continued well into adulthood.

mike smith wearing headphones and a jacket
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Hearing the sound of his metal detector going off after finding something underground gave him goosebumps. He immediately had to know what was under there because it could be anything. One day he set off and walked around on some farmland. He moved his metal detector around and started to hear some beeping.