Most Of These Bee Facts Are Sweet Like Honey, But Others Sting!

Sure, you may know that bees pollinate our crops, but do you really understand our favorite flying insect? Bees are like onions, in that, they have so many layers to uncover (and also they can make you cry like a baby).

While every creature is unique in its own way, bees are kind of on a different level. Their importance to the world is consistently overlooked and they keep the natural world functioning the way it should. These insane facts might prevent you from swatting the next bee you see, or at least, that’s the hope.

Drop The Beats

Bee Fact: The bees’ buzz noise is created from their wings which beat over 11,400 times per minute.

Photo Credit: Thomas Warnack / AFP / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Thomas Warnack / AFP / Getty Images

For comparison sake, a hummingbird’s wings flap around 5000 times per minute which isn’t even half of what a bee can do. Most people think that the buzzing sound is a result of a buzz coming from the mouth which isn’t true at all.