Ordinary Objects With An Unexpected Twist That Suddenly Makes Them Cool

A normal cooking pan: boring. A pan that forms shapes out of your cooking oil: amusing! An unexpected twist on ordinary objects suddenly makes life more interesting. Are they necessary? No. Are they overpriced? Probably. But unconventional objects are worth acknowledging for their “Huh, that’s pretty cool” factor.

From pop-up business cards to tree bookshelves to traffic lights with extra glow, here are ordinary objects that have an innovative, creative twist. Did you see any of these coming?

Puzzle Piece Cutting Boards

Want a cuter way to stack your cutting boards? Then get them puzzle-shaped. Not only do these wooden cutting boards connect, but the hole on the side also carries most glasses, which allows you to carry an entire meal to the couch.

puzzle piece cutting board with crackers and cheese on one piece
Pinterest/Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Pinterest/Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Some companies, such as Personalization Mall, will carve any saying you want into each puzzle piece. You could put names on them, or quotes, or even inside jokes if you wish. Most collections cost upwards of $30.