Political Myths and Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

When it comes to major events that change the course of history or questions that don’t have full answers, you can usually bet there’s a conspiracy theory around it. While some may have some validity to them, others are out of this world. From vaccines doing more harm than good to a race of reptilians pulling the strings of our world, here are some myths and conspiracy theories that will leave you dumbfounded in more ways than one.

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Theory: Americans Are Being Poisoned By Chemtrails


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Chemtrails have been explained as harmless streams of visible vapor that are left behind by aircraft engines exhaust. While this may seem like a believable answer for the white streaks constantly filling the sky, some insist that they are much more sinister.

Those who don’t buy into the airplane exhaust explanation claim that chemtrails are the government visibly poisoning the American population with biological and chemical agents. They believe that the government is doing this in order to control the population, or as a way to test biological/chemical weapons on the unknowing American public. They view it as the perfect government crime that’s been right in front of our faces the entire time.

Theory: AIDS Was Created By The CIA


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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by the contraction of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) usually through unprotected sex and intravenous drug use. It is a devastating illness that has been noticed to primarily affect groups such as homosexuals and other minority groups, particularly African-Americans.

After noticing this trend, people began to accept the possibility that AIDS was engineered by the CIA to target these individuals as a means for population control among these particular groups. Although it is clear that these groups tend to have higher infection rates, it has been chalked up to social and economic reasons rather than a government conspiracy, although not all are convinced.

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Theory: The Moon Landing Was Fake


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It wasn’t long after Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon that conspiracies began to surface about the authenticity of the first moon landing. Some people remained doubtful that the United States ever really made it to the moon and that the whole thing was fabricated in order to make it look like we had won the Space Race against the Soviet Union.

Supposed evidence such as the shadows being slightly off, the lack of a crater where the ship landed, an apparently waving flag, and a lack of stars led people to believe that the video and pictures taken had been simulated. However, it’s difficult to denounce the actuality of the moon landing since things are going to be a little bit different when you’re on the moon.

The JFK Assassination


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On November 22, 194, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. He was hit with two bullets, one in the head and one through his neck. After Lee Harvey Oswald was caught and charged with the murder of the president, the case seemed closed. Yet, a poll by ABC News in 2003 showed that 70% of Americans felt that Kennedy’s assassination wasn’t as clear as it may have seemed.

There were issues regarding the trajectory of the bullets as well as the motives for his murder. Some believe that it could have been executed by the CIA for Kennedy’s decisions during the Cold War or by the Russians themselves. Either way, the exact answer has remained unclear and has made Kennedy’s assassination the most questionable and discussed assassination to date.

The New World Order Is Here


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The conspiracy of the New World Order is the belief that there is a secret power elite who have been conspiring to establish a totalitarian world government. It is assumed that institutions such as the Illuminati, NATO, the United Nations, the World Bank, and other organizations have been working behind the scenes to gain total control and manipulate world events.

Many theorists suggest that there are clues all across the world and that members of the New World Order will ultimately trigger events that will lead to the end of the world as we know it. From there, the New World Order would rise from the ashes and rebuild society under their new domination. Although there are countless flaws in the overall conspiracy, changing believers’ minds is unlikely.

Apparently, our entire world is being controlled by a highly-intelligent ancient reptilian species. Trust no one.

Theory: Global Warming Isn’t Real


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Climate change denial is the conspiracy that the scientific claims, evidence, and logic that prove the existence of climate change have been tampered with and fabricated. Deniers believe that such evidence is made up in order for scientists to keep their funding or as a way to allow the government to control the people by setting new regulations on manufacturing.

There is also no shortage of climate change deniers with Republican Senator James Inhofe claiming that “climate change might be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”. Other known climate change deniers include President Donald Trump who claims that “global warming was created by the Chinese to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”

The Secrets of Area 51


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Area 51 is a highly-classified United States Air Force base located 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to the secrecy surrounding the base, it has been believed to have acted as a government facility for the examination and research of extra-terrestrial life and technology that has crash-landed on earth.

However, recently declassified documents have explained that the base was under such high security because it was a testing location for military spy planes and other “black operations” during the Cold War. Although this may be true, Area 51 conspiracy theorists still think there’s a lot more going on underground in the base then we’ve been told.

Theory: The Vaccine Scandal


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After the introduction of vaccines to help combat numerous serious diseases, people considered them to be a huge advancement in modern medicine. However, during the 1990s, an anti-vaccine movement began develope after sources claimed that there was a link between vaccinations and autism among children. Although this claim was found to be false, more and more parents began choosing to not vaccinate their children.

With some of the vaccinated diseases making a comeback, it was believed that the vaccinations were actually putting their children at risk rather than helping them. Theorists suggest that the vaccines are the result of the government working together with the pharmaceutical companies by endorsing such vaccines in order to make a profit or other unknown agendas.

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Theory: The Holocaust Was Exaggerated


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Although it’s a known fact that the Holocaust during World War II resulted in the extermination of over 6 million Jews, unbelievably, some people still aren’t entirely convinced. Apparently, the ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that the Holocaust was a “myth” and insisted that other countries aside from Palestine should take responsibility for providing the land for a Jewish state.

Furthermore, although less extreme, there are also Holocaust deniers that do not claim that the Holocaust was completely fabricated, but instead that it was largely exaggerated. However, they do deny the use of gas chambers and maintain that the pictures of thousands of corpses were people that had died of typhus.

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy



On December 14, 2012, 20 students and six staff embers were murdered by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Although it was pretty clear as to what actually happened, the event spawned a series of conspiracy theories believed by those who felt that the response to the shooting was an attempt to take away their right of the 2nd Amendment.

One theory claimed that the murder of all of the children and staff was actually organized by the United States government as an extremely radical way to promote stricter gun laws on pro-gun activists. The other, a more absurd theory, supported by some, is that the entire thing was a hoax and that it was all completely staged with nobody ever dying.

Theory: The Reptilian Elite


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The Reptilian Elite conspiracy theory is the belief that we are living among a breed of shape-shifting and genetically-altered reptilian humanoids that secretly rule the world. Former BBC sports writer David Icke published this theory in his 1998 book The Biggest Secret, and now an estimated 12 million Americans are on board with his conspiracy.

Apparently, they have been controlling the human race since ancient times and that all politicians, celebrities, and members of the Illuminati and Free Masons are secretly reptilian humanoids controlling the Earth. However, their ultimate goal is still up for debate among believers ranging from theories that they are trying stabilize the atmosphere of their own planet, ensuring chaos in the fourth dimension, or feeding their innate need for power and control.

Does Big Pharma have more cures for diseases then we know?

Water Fluoridation


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The water fluoridation controversy is about the public concern of the fluoridation of public water supplies. Although health authorities claim that water fluoridation at certain measurements can help to prevent dental decay and promote sanitation, not everyone is happy with the idea.

Some choose to believe that water fluoridation is just a cover-up for the government to taint the water supply in the form of fluoride in order to run tests on the public. This was a major issue back in the 1950s and people believed that substances were being added to the water for mind control purposes by the Soviets. Today, although some are just focused on the health concerns, others believe that there’s more to worry about than that.

The Mysteries Behind 9/11


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The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, were life-changing not just for Americans, but for people all around the world. While its widely accepted that the attacks were orchestrated by the terrorist group Al-Queda, others aren’t so easily convinced. There have been countless documentaries and books about the possibility of 9/11 being an inside job coordinated by the United States government.

While some believe that the United States government had prior information about the attacks, others claim that the attacks were carried out by the government. This way, they could put the blame on the Middle East as a way to infuriate the public and a reason to go to war. Although its been years since the attacks and most theories have been debunked, some people remain unconvinced.

The Flat Earth Theory


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Modern flat Earth societies are people that insist that the world is truly flat and that we have been deceived into thinking that it is actually a sphere. Although this was once common thought, it was eventually proven otherwise, yet made a reappearance in the mid 20th century.

Now, it is even more prominent with the help of social media and internet platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, that have helped to increase flat Earth societies reach to others around the world to increase their following and attempt to convince others that the Earth isn’t a sphere. These ideals are usually based on pseudoscience and religious beliefs.

Theory: An Attempt to Kill Drinkers


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During the days of prohibition, although alcohol was banned, people still had ways of getting their hands on precious booze. Speakeasies were huge, and the government was having a hard time cracking down on alcohol consumption, so they decided to try a new tactic. Since most illegally manufactured alcohol came from industrial alcohol, the Treasury Department supposedly began poisoning the country’s industrial alcohol supplies.

Their goal was to dissuade bootleggers from stealing it and redistilling it to make liquor. However, when bootleggers realized something was wrong with their supply, they found ways to make it drinkable once again. So, the government began poisoning it even more with kerosene, gasoline, chloroform and more. This allegedly continued until the 18th amendment was appealed in 1933 and was brushed under the rug by the government.

Apparently, Big Pharma isn’t very trusted.



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Birtherism refers to the movement that started in the United States which claimed that President Barack Obama is not a natural born United States citizen, and therefore not eligible to be President of the United States.

Even though Barack Obama provided evidence of his birth certificate that he was born in Hawaii, people still haven’t backed off of their claim that he is not a legal United States citizen. President Donald Trump was a major proponent of this theory, which is still brought up by some of his major supporters today. Also, just as people believe Obama isn’t a citizen, they also claim that he’s also not a Protestant Christian but really a Muslim, which created further controversy.

Theory: FDR and His Administration Knew About the Pearl Harbor Attacks


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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Habor killing 2,400 American troops and destroying numerous aircraft carriers and military vessels. Up until then, the United States had managed to stay out of World War II, yet the attack on Pearl Habor sparked a war effort among the American public and led to FDR making the decision to join the Allied forces in the fight against the Axis powers.

However, some believe that FDR may have known about a potential attack on Pearl Habor days before, pushing the United States to become involved in the war. Apparently, FDR and his administration were notified of the possibility of Hawaii being a target but didn’t take it seriously thinking that it would have been impossible for Japan to move their troops from Japan to Hawaii without being noticed. Also, there were no immediate benefits of the United States becoming involved in the war.

Big Pharma Has More Answers Than We Think


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When it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and Big Pharma, it’s not uncommon for people to raise an eyebrow at the trillion dollar industry. So, naturally, there are numerous conspiracy theories that focus on Big Pharma and the role that it plays in our economy and society. One of the most popular conspiracies is that Big Pharma is withholding cures for various diseases.

Some people believe that Big Pharma tries to keep people getting sick in order to keep the power that they have over the public, as well as the economic monopoly it has on the health industry. Although pharmaceutical companies would most likely make more money if they released the cures, people just love to hate them.

COINTELPRO Was Spying on Martin Luther King


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COINTELPRO is an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program, which was allegedly put to use by the FBI during the second Red Scare. Its goal was to target various groups deemed dangerous such as the Communist Party, the KKK, leaders of civil rights movements, and more.

It is also believed that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a primary focus of COUNTELPRPO. Apparently, after he delivered his famous “I Have A Dream Speech” at the March on Washington, he was considered to be an “unofficial enemy of the state”. He was then endlessly followed, had his phones tapped, and was even blackmailed by the FBI when they learned about his infidelity. However, COUNTELPRO was shut down in 1971, although the FBI supposedly still keeps secretive tabs on particular groups.

A Fake Testimony


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In 1990, a 15-year-old girl from Kuwait who went by “Nyirah” testified to Congress that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers murdering infants outside of a hospital. A later discovery suggested that the PR company Hill & Knowlton had organized the girl’s testimony for a client of theirs that went by Free Kuwait.

By doing this, it appeared that Free Kuwait was hoping to push for the United States involvement in the Persian Gulf War, and it was also discovered that Nyriah was even the daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US. However, although Nyirah’s testimony was aimed to increase support for the Persian Gulf War, it has been acknowledged that the United States would have still have become involved without her testimony.