The Most Breathtaking Pictures From This Year’s Legendary Siena International Photo Awards

If you’re unaware of the Siena International Photo Awards you need to get out from under your rock. These awards received 48,000 submissions from over 150 countries around the world. Similar to the winners in past years, these pictures are absolutely stunning.

The entrants compete in 11 categories ranging from landscapes to portraits and everything in-between. I’ve compiled some of the most intriguing pictures from the competition.

Kids With Hand Crafts, Ethiopia

Photo Credit: David Nam Lip Lee
Photo Credit: David Nam Lip Lee

This picture won first place in the Fascinating Faces and Characters category. In Ethiopia, kids of the Suri tribe are being overprotected by their families.

The young are the only hope and inheritors of being able to keep the traditions of their Suri culture alive. Overprotection is the only way they’ll be able to achieve that.