The True Story Of Hugh Glass, The Man Who Inspired The Revenant

A man survives a gruesome grizzly bear attack and is left for dead by his comrades in the wilderness of the midwestern United States. He survives only by his will to live and desire for revenge against those who abandoned him. After crawling thousands of miles on the brink of death, suffering through numerous Indian assaults, and doing whatever it takes to stay alive, he survives. While this may sound like something that was concocted in a Hollywood studio for the film The Revenant, it’s based on the story of American frontiersman Hugh Glass. Read about the man who inspired the award-winning movie, and discover the power of the human spirit.

Hugh Glass’ Eventful Early Life

Hugh Glass was born to Scotch-Irish immigrants near Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1783. As a young man, he was a sailor until his ship was captured by the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte near the Gulf of Mexico. Glass was given a choice to either die or join Lafitte’s crew. Glass decided to live, and spent the next two years working as a pirate under Lafitte.

laraabdallah / Instagram
laraabdallah / Instagram

Eventually, he escaped by jumping off the ship and swimming until he reached the coast of Galveston, Texas. However, it wasn’t long until he was captured by some Pawnee Indians that he ended up living with for several years, even marrying a woman in the tribe.