These Are Some Of The Most Heartbreaking Wrongful Conviction Stories Ever

It’s incredibly frustrating to be falsely accused of anything, nevermind killing someone. Sitting in the courtroom and hearing the judge and prosecution tell narratives of a story that you never lived would be nearly impossible to get through. As much as we want to trust our justice system, sometimes it gets the case wrong and punishes innocent people.

Thanks to DNA testing and better forensic science, many people who were wrongfully convicted are getting set free. This article tells the stories of some of the most devastating wrongfully convicted people of all time.

Thomas Kennedy

After Thomas Kennedy’s own eleven-year-old daughter falsely accused him of sexually abusing her on three separate occasions, he was sent to jail. His daughter was mad about the divorce and wanted to make her dad go away, so she faked the story.


It took eleven years for Cassandra to have a change of heart and told police her claims of rape were false. He was released after her testimony seemed credible.