These Enlightened Individuals Shared Their “It’s Weird But You Have To Try It” Life Hacks

Growing up, everyone had their own special life hacks that would get weird looks from peers, but they worked. It was the little things that they learned from their parents, grandparents, or friends that would get them through their day.

From techniques to cope with stress, to more pleasant ways to get drunk, to saving money — everyone has their own unique style that keeps them from going insane. These techniques aren’t for everyone which is why they’re seen as weird to the general public. BUT, that’s what makes them interesting and outright entertaining. Reddit users shared their weirdest life hacks with the internet and they blew up for all the right reasons. Enjoy.

Um, This Is A No For Me Dawg – Randy Jackson

So I don’t know what kind of Asian persuasion happened here, but it’s not okay. Soy Sauce should not touch anything but stir fry and sushi. Ice cream is probably one of the last dishes I would try it on. This idea that it makes it taste like caramel is just flat wrong and disturbing. Last I checked, caramel tastes like caramel.