Things You Didn’t Know About Michael J. Fox

It seems that there is nothing that Michael J. Fox can’t do at this point. It’s been almost 30 years since he was given ten years to live upon being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but Fox hasn’t let it slow him down. When he’s not dedicating his time to the battle against Parkinson’s, he’s proven that he still has that on-screen charm that won us over in the ’80s. But as you’ll learn, fame almost didn’t happen for someone who left high school for Hollywood.

Michael J. Fox Isn’t Technically His Real Name

His given name is Michael Anthony Fox, so where in the world did the “J” come from? When Fox registered with the Screen Actors’ Guild, there was already a Michael A. Fox in the system. To avoid confusion, he replaced his middle initial with a “J” as an homage to character actor Michael J. Pollard.

Photo by Universal/Getty Images
Photo by Universal/Getty Images

He also reportedly didn’t like the way Michael A. Fox sounded. He didn’t want teen magazines to be able to use headlines like, “Michael, A Fox!” The name adjustment was obviously quite necessary.