This (Almost) Navy Seal Turned Poker Player Has Survived Two Heart Attacks Before The Age Of 32

Dan Bilzerian is nearly 40 years old, but he’s lived a fuller life than most 80-year-olds. He’s almost died, multiple times. He’s risked all his money on many occasions, and he’s become famous because of it.

He’s known as the “King of Instagram” with his 25 million followers, and based on his wild lifestyle, he lives quite the life. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing him though. There’s a lot about his personal life that most of his fans don’t know, so, let’s explore it.

He’s A World Poker Champion

If Dan isn’t lying, he’s made A LOT of money playing poker. Like, $50 million in one year. He says that he’s lost almost $4 million in one game, which is the most he’s ever lost. Well, I hope so.

Instagram / @danbilzerian
Instagram / @danbilzerian

I’m not a very good poker player, but if this is the kind of money they make, I’m all in.