This Farmer Found A Prehistoric Surprise In His Backyard!

In 2010, John and his family were foraging for berries in their own backyard when they discovered something that would baffle the scientific community and change the course of understanding about the ice age and America’s place in the extinction of an amazing creature. The family’s discovery was found completely by accident and revealed a 12,000-year-old secret.

Take this journey with us, not only as the family discovers the massive creature but also what it taught researchers about America, the last great extinction period in world history, and the world around us. By the end of this story, you’ll be amazed at how much this accidental discovery has already mattered.

An Ordinary Day In Iowa

The farming family located in Oskaloosa, Iowa, own property that is nestled in an area that had previously been the location of a creek that had long ago dried up.

John’s sons were working with their dad to find fruit when they noticed something jutting out from the ground. At first, they didn’t recognize the object. Even as John moved closer to the ground to take a closer look, he could only tell that the object was massive and featured several unusual patterns.