This Woman And Her Unborn Twins Would Have Died If It Wasn’t For This

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Finding out that you are carrying life inside of you, or your partner is, is life-changing not to mention overwhelming. Besides the heartburn, nausea, and your clothes no longer fitting, you have to worry about getting everything ready for your bundle of joy. So what happens when you are expecting not one, but two babies?

Dana and Rod Zamrik of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina couldn’t wait to find out for themselves.


Dana and Rod Zamrik seemed to have it all. They had just moved to Myrtle Beach for new jobs, and shortly after found out that they were expecting twins. The couple couldn’t wait to welcome their little ones with open arms. Dana’s pregnancy was going as smoothly as could be, and everything seemed perfect.

It wasn’t until one day Dana began feeling extremely ill, and her normal pregnancy turned into a very complicated situation. Dana found out that her life — and the life of her unborn babies — were in extreme danger.


The couple found out that Dana was dangerously anemic. Her essential organs were beginning to fail, and she didn’t have enough blood circulating to even contemplate surgery. Dana’s heart, liver, and kidney were shutting down, and the prognosis was looking grim. Her health and the health of her twins was on the line.

She was almost at the point of having to decide between saving her life or the life of her twin babies, but a miraculous gift changed everything.


Dana’s life and the life of her unborn babies were saved by nine courageous people that had donated blood. Dana received nine pints of blood through a transfusion and she made a full recovery. Her twins are alive and well 11 years later, and they are simply thriving. The simple act of taking the time to donate blood saved Dana and her twins in a life or death situation, and Dana will forever be grateful for the donors’ generosity.


Dana sees blood donors as her heroes, and rightfully so. “I will always tell my story just so we can help somebody else, because you never know,” Dana states. She is now an advocate for donating blood, and she hopes her impactful story will motivate others to donate if they can.

Dana and her family know firsthand that you never know when you will need a helping hand, and she claims “it doesn’t have to be something tragic. It could be something very happy, like we were having at the time.”

The Zamrik family’s future was forever changed by a simple act of nine people that they have never met. Donating blood is an easy way to give back, and you only have to take a few minutes or so out of your day to make a difference. It is relatively painless and only takes an hour or so to complete the entire process. One pint of blood can save someone’s life, and you can be the difference between life and death for someone in dire need. Find a blood bank near you today and make the life-changing decision to give back!