Twitter Is Going Off On #AsAKidBeingRichMeant And It’s Something Else

Being rich or poor can mean two different things. You either get a lot of stuff, or you have just enough stuff to get by. As much as people want to be jealous of people who have it all, they had to work for it. But, thanks to the interesting people on social media, the #AsAKidBeingRichMeant is trending on Twitter.

People are sharing their stories about what it’s like to have the upper hand. Don’t feel too bad because there’s at least something on this list that will make you say “Yup, I definitely had the opportunity to do that.”

With A Diving Board, It Must Be Nice

Or even a slide. It was pretty easy to be super jealous if kids had that in their backyards.

Photo Credit: @cameronbailey01/Twitter
Photo Credit: @cameronbailey01/Twitter

However, if you’re good friends with the people next door with the in-ground pool, there’s a chance you could swim in it. If not, well, just go skinny dipping in the middle of the night.