Whatever Happened To The Notorious Members Of The Hollywood Bling Ring?

Let’s take a trip back to 2009. Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift, the King of Pop just died, and there’s a group of teenagers robbing high-profile celebrity houses in the Hollywood Hills. The Bling Ring became infamous for making off with more than $3 million in stolen goods. They even ended up as the basis for a movie starring Emma Watson.

But what really happened to those crazy kids who tormented the Hollywood elite for nearly a year? Check out the notorious crimes that led to their arrests, and what the teenagers from the Bling Ring are up to today.

It Started With A Pair Of Reality-Obsessed Teenagers

The notorious burglary ring was the product of mastermind Rachel Lee and Nick Prudo. Both of them were troubled and bonded over their love of fashion, celebrities, and their family troubles. Lee and Prudo eventually got accepted into the party scene in their area.


This fueled their desire for more money and better clothes.