Animals Who Love The Holidays As Much As Their Hoo-mons

Some people say that the holidays are the best time of the year. For animals, they either get dressed up thanks to their owners or they’re trying hard not to eat the turkey. They don’t hate the holidays, they just don’t really understand what’s going on in front of their eyes. But their hoo-mon’s excited, so they are too.

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Your dogs may be cute and innocent, but ripping up wrapped gifts, chewing lights and destroying the Christmas tree will put them on Santa’s naughty list in no time.

But, their destruction of the tree with those looks make it hard to stay mad at them for long.

Skelton Horse

The Grim Reaper enlisted the help of this skeleton horse. It makes you wonder how the owner went about painting the bones of the horse.

A costume like this would win the horse Best Costume at the farm party. Fortunately, the horse didn’t have to be painted black too!

Thanksgiving Squad

Talk about one awkward photo. It looks like these dogs did too much digging in the backyard for bones, so this is their punishment.


The expression on their faces makes them look like a deer in the headlights.

Santa Monkey Is Coming To Town

Watch out if you’re on Santa’s naughty list, there’s a chance this Santa Monkey will fling more than a lump of coal at you. It looks like our friend is waving to their latest victims.


The monkey might look cute and innocent dressed up as Saint Nick, but they’re not fooling anybody.


All aboard Platform Nine and Three-Quarters! Dogwarts awaits you and your friends. These dogs look ready for the first day of classes as well as the first Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

That’s the key to a great pet Halloween costume — who wouldn’t dress up their dog as characters from Harry Potter?

We Dog Kings

What could be more adorable than these dogs dressed up as the Nativity scene? Behold man’s best friend dressed up with a cat posing as Baby Jesus.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Demonizing The Turkey

Whether it’s a tasty piece of turkey or a toy, cats will always have an evil side. This cat, in particular, looks madder than my mom looking at my report card from elementary school.


The cats probably thinking “Hoomon, get this camera out of my face. The turkey is mine!”

Kiss You Under The Mistletoe

That’s cute. I remember my first kiss, but these dogs touching noses under the mistletoe put that to shame. They do it so much better than what Kim and Kanye could do. Even the red and green collars are a perfect touch too.

Next time, they should have a mistletoe full of bones.

Burger And Fries

This makes you hungry just looking for the burger and fries. Just look how proud they are!

It’s basically what kids get with their Happy Meals at McDonald’s, without the dog that is.

On The Hunt For Santa

Cats climbing into trees during the holidays is no surprise. They just seem so fascinated by the lights and ornaments covering the tree. This cat took it one step further by placing themselves in a balanced spot on the tree.


The cat will likely come out as soon as Santa wraps up his visit.

Taco Dog

The taco dog costume is a genius idea. Short dogs like this white corgi make these simple costumes possible. You can dress them up as a hot dog, a sub, or if you want to get more creative, dress it up as a popsicle.

Basically, anything that looks great with their stubby legs will do the trick.

Festive Dogs

The dog on the right makes one cute little pilgrim while the turkey costume on the left suits the dog.

The different colored eyes on our pilgrim friend really adds to the effect. What has he seen?


Okay, if George Lucas randomly decides to remake the first Star Wars movies, this dog would be the PERFECT Ewok! It’s absolutely spot on and super adorable. The look on the dog’s face makes it one little serious Ewok.


They might look cute, but they don’t like to mess around.

MMMM Turkey

Busted! This dog is eyeing down the turkey and has destruction on its mind. Without even realizing, the owner in the back is eying down the dog like a criminal trying to steal bread from the store.

Let’s just hope that they didn’t eat the whole thing before it got to the table.

Christmas Grump

Those Muppets are from my childhood!

More importantly, the cat clearly is grumpy over the fact that they have to wear the Santa hat with Kermit and the gang.

Gobble Gobble

A happy dog like this looks like they’re going to succumb to a serious turkey coma. Clearly, the dog knows the drill. The second the turkey comes out of the oven, they all run to the table like they’re getting a bag of dog bones.

But really, dogs prefer real meat instead of bones anyway.

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Pout

Dogs love their toys. Better yet, dogs whose toys resemble Santa Claus love it when they get to meet the jolly guy.

This dog clearly has an obsession with Santa and the expression on their face when they got to the man in red in person is like meeting your childhood hero.

Triple Or Treat!

Not sure about you, but this is one trippy costume. Obviously, the dog has one head, but the triple trifecta makes it one spooktacular costume.

People would be gullible enough to think it’s a three-headed dog and give out more treats until they realize that the side heads are fake.

Get This Costume Off Me!

This cat definitely knows that it doesn’t pay to look like a turkey around Thanksgiving. The cat looks pretty unamused, like some fourth grader on class photo day.

All this feisty feline wanted to do was sit back and relax with a couple of table scraps, but instead looks like it’ll be hiding out in the attic.


Spidercat, spidercat, does whatever a spidercat can. Meows out loud, all day long, hisses at humans, end of song. Look out! Here comes the spidercat.

Okay, outside of the parody of the Spiderman theme, this cat would look super creepy with multiple legs. The cat clearly has no satisfaction wearing this costume.