[VIDEO] BeeBee The Amazing Chihuahua

This inspirational chihuahua will give you a new perspective on life. She hasn’t once let her physical disability slow her down, especially now that she has her own special wheelchair. Check out the story of BeeBee, the resilient little chihuahua born on the fourth of July!

Meet BeeBee


Meet Beautiful Beebee the Chihuahua. Beebee was born on the fourth of July with a condition that caused her front legs to not form properly. She was actually born without shoulder blades which made it impossible for her put anyway on her front paws or even to straighten her legs. However, BeeBee’s condition hasn’t stopped her from living a fully independent life. In fact, her recent birthday seemed to be a kind of divine prediction about how BeeBee would tackle her life! Although BeeBee didn’t have the easiest beginning to her life, she has brought joy to so many different people.

BeeBee’s Owner


BeeBee lucked out in life with her owner, Denise Steininger who has devoted much of her time to the little pup’s benefit. Denise said she checked with her administrator and got permission to bring her to work. Denise works at a nursing home. As soon as BeeBee walked through the doors of the nursing home, people began to fall in love with BeeBee. From fellow staff to residents of the home BeeBee has been able to bring a smile to all of their faces. The residents are even known to seek out BeeBee to spend some time and get some cuddles from the sweet little dog!

Beebee Snuggles!


Denise said that BeeBee is more than happy to be able to trade some licks in return for some snuggles. BeeBee would try to go down the hall to visit more people, but she was never able to get very far because of her condition. Because the residents loved BeeBee so much, they became compelled to try to help the poor little dog. One resident had a son who attended a University engineering program. The resident thought that one of the professors at the school might be able to help BeeBee in some way. Before Denise knew it, people were stepping up to help!

Engineering Miracle


Three different students volunteered their time to find a way to help BeeBee. They ended up figuring out how to build for her what is essentially a doggie wheelchair. Denise, BeeBee’s owner, said that it took a while to coax BeeBee to begin using it, but after a few rounds of treats she quickly got the hang of her new ride. Now, BeeBee is able to do almost everything that normal dogs do and has learned how to back up when she gets stuck and loves to run like all other dogs do. Denise says the residents still love to see her and there are even visitors that show up just to see BeeBee.

BeeBee the Star


This little dog was definitely born for a purpose, in spite of her physical health issues. If you were to see BeeBee, you couldn’t miss her because Denise, her owner, has connected a little bright pink flag attached to her wheelchair so you see her coming! BeeBee has brought endless smiles to her owner Denise, as well as all of the residents at the nursing home where she works. It certainly doesn’t hurt that BeeBee is one of the cutest Chihuahuas of all time! Check out this amazing video about BeeBee’s story; it is sure to put a smile on your face!

Courtesy of HooplaHa – Only Good News