Yikes! The Craziest Sharks Ever Featured On Shark Week

Everybody’s favorite week of television, Shark Week, is coming back to your televisions screens June 26th through July 3rd on the Discovery channel. Many people are anxious to know what they will be in store for this year as Shark Week looks to top itself every June. While the show first started with mainly a focus on the conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks, it has slowly morphed into a massively successful entertainment event over the years that is a must see. Today, presenters for shark week hunt down and research some of the most interesting and deadly sharks on the planet. TV producers also go out in search of mythical sharks that may or may not exist in real life. We tracked down the top five sharks as ranked by The Discovery Channel. You’ll notice at least one common theme among them — they are all great white sharks and they are incredibly stealthy and deadly animals.



There are plenty of reasons to be scared of Colossus. Shark Week explained that he is a 15 foot great white shark that is known for aerial breaches. This massive predator is also reported to be as wide as a school bus. The biggest reason to be scared of Colossus, and I do emphasize biggest, is because he is predicted to weigh upwards of 3,000 pounds. That’s a lot of shark! The last time anybody has seen this massive great white shark was when he was reportedly hunted near South Africa, but its whereabouts are still unknown at this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yxw9Q5OjmI


Believe it or not this great white shark is even bigger than Colossus, spanning a length of 16 feet. Going by the nickname of Slash, this great white is recognizable by divers by a large scar on the left side of his face. One would think they would call him “Scarface” then, right? Slash is most known to hunt off the coast of New Zealand where he feasts himself a healthy diet of seals. What’s most frightening about Slash is his mastery of the sneak attack and his reputation as being one of the most aggressive great white sharks on the planet. Take a look for yourself by watching the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5A2FmNQv8g

The Cuban’s El Monstro

In 1945 locals in Cuba discovered “El Monstro” which translates to “The Monster.” This massive great white Shark is one of the largest ever discovered. Typically great white sharks range anywhere between 11 and 16 feet but El Monstro gets his name due to its size of 21 feet in length. That size shark is enough to scare any fisherman. El Monstro was captured in Cojimar, Cuba where the famous photo was taken.


The PEI Shark

If you haven’t noticed a theme yet, the most sought after sharks on Shark Week are the often elusive great whites as they are known for their massive size and aggression. PEI is a great white shark that measured 17 feet long. They are also the world’s most accurately measured great white. This massive great white was 20 years old when they were captured, making them a middle aged specimen. Researchers believe that even with its larger than average size, the shark still had a lot of growing to do. PEI was named after the location where they were caught, Prince Edward Island in Canada.


This last great white shark was said to have been between 24 and 30 feet long, making it the largest shark on our list. Appropriately nicknames “The Submarine” this shark was hunted off the coast of South Africa but unfortunately was never actually caught on film or in photos. There has been chatter that Submarine may have never existed but was instead a product of wishful thinking from the team behind the Discover Channel’s week long obsession with sharks. The network stood behind its facts, claiming that sightings of the massively over-sized shark date all the way back to the 1970s. Discover Channel ranks Submarine as its #1 shark of all time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZwZUmuuJ1I While there are certainly other types of sharks, the great white continues to remain one of the most popular during Shark Week. Shark Week returns on Sunday, June 26th at 8 EST on The Discovery Channel.