[VIDEO] Lulu, The Amazing Dog Who Helps Grieving Clients

Lulu is an amazing certified therapy training dog. She uses her talents for good among those who need it most: the grieving. Lulu’s mere presence is able to comfort people, but she is also always available to lend a paw or fur to cry on. She also has a few tricks up her sleeve that bring a smile to everyone’s face. Check out the remarkable story of Lulu!

Meet Lulu


Lulu is super fluffy and super cute Goldendoodle. She might just look like a normal dog at first sight, but behind the fluff, she is really something special. Lulu actually has a career of her own. She is considered to be a “staff member” at Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services. With the help of her owner, Lulu was trained to be a certified therapy dog. In her work, she regularly deals with some of the people who need it most – grieving friends and family who have lost loved ones. Lulu often goes to funerals with funeral home staff to offer her services as a “comfort companion.”



So, what exactly is the breed Goldendoodle? It certainly sounds like a funny name, but really it is the merging of two breeds. Lulu is the mix of a golden retriever and a poodle. The breed first came about sometime in the 1990s. One amazing thing about the breed is that they usually don’t shed very much or even at all meaning they are a good match for people with allergies. They are also known for their patience and friendliness which means they are often used for positions just like Lulu as therapy dogs. They are also often used as guide dogs, diabetic dogs, and search and rescue, or just good ol’ family pets!

Popular Lulu


Lulu has become quite popular and she now travels between the business’ two locations in New York. She does a variety of things depending on the family’s request. She will do everything from greet people at the door to moving among them and letting people pet her. Lulu’s owner, Matthew Fiorillo, is also her co-worker and is the president of the funeral and creations services. He spoke to the Huffington Post about his amazing dog and said, “She’s such an affectionate dog and such a social dog. Just petting her is a subtle distraction from the pain these people are going through. Such a subtle distraction is a comforting thing for families.” However, if people aren’t comfortable with dogs Lulu remains in her area and out of sight at the funeral home.

Requesting Lulu


Matthew has said that the vast majority of the time, people ask for Lulu to be present during the funeral. He has also said that some people even come back to visit at the funeral home and ask if they can see Lulu. He acknowledges that Lulu is able to connect with people in a different way than the rest of the staff can. This is undoubtedly due to the unconditional love that dogs offer their people. Matthew has also said that due to the heavy nature of their work, Lulu also provides comfort and support for the staff members themselves.

The Lulu Experience


A client named Fabiana Torres said that Lulu presence was really great and calming for her family and especially all of the grandchildren and made the whole experience of her mother passing easier. Another woman named Chelsea Sules lost her brother Charles just days before he turned twenty five. She was shocked to find a dog come to greet her when she walked into the funeral home. However, she said she and her sister soon descended into giggles and immediately felt comforted by Lulus presence.

Her owner, Matthew, has said that Lulu is able to sense who really needs her. She also knows how “to pray.” Chelsea told The Today Show about remarkable the pup is saying, “Lulu was with us for both of the wakes and out of nowhere we see her kneeling on a bench with her head down and praying in front of my brother’s casket. It blew us away.” Check out this amazing video about Lulu and what she does for grieving families every day. This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Yura Makarov.

Courtesy of HooplaHa – Only Good News