No, No! Mistakes That Humans Make At Dog Parks

Taking your pup to a dog park can be a lot of fun. It allows your pet to bond and socialize with other animals as well as release some pent-up energy. But you can’t just arrive at the park, take your dog off the leash, and let him run wild. There are some unwritten rules that every dog owner should follow.

Dog park etiquette will keep your dog and other animals safe. If you break the rules, you risk harming your dog, other dogs, and even other people. Check out some of the most common mistakes dog owners make when they don’t adhere to the rules.

Not Giving The Dog Enough Exercise Before Arriving At The Park

Yes, a lot of dog owners specifically take their pets to the park for exercise, but it’s not a good idea to bring her there if she’s been cooped up in a small apartment all day. Dog parks are not designed to be the only source of exercise that a pup gets. If you bring a dog that’s been alone all day to a dog park, she’s probably going to act a little wild.

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Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images
Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

Dog parks can be overly stimulating for animals that have been inside for long periods of time. They can get too excited about their interactions with other dogs and inadvertently start a fight. Make sure the zoomies are out of their system before you take them to the park.