Stray Dog Becomes A Member Of Wild Coyote Pack, The End Results Are Baffling

Many people aren’t aware of the rising population of coyotes. Naturally, it might not be the most exciting thing to catch your attention. However, for people with pets that like to venture on their own occasionally, this should be on their radar. One day, two humane society workers, Sarah Nace and Nicole Asher, witnessed a stray dog surrounded by wild coyotes in Kingston, New York. At first, they feared for the dog, but after closer examination, the truth revealed itself. Dive in and discover the shocking events that happened with this dog dealing with the pack of coyotes.

Sarah Nace Sees Trouble

Nace works with Lost Pets of Hudson Valley and is fully aware of the rising coyote population in the area she lives in. One day, she took notice of a stray dog running around Kingston, New York.

Her natural response was to be worried about the safety of the dog, as we all would all be if we knew there was a potential threat out there with the coyotes. She knew that she should attempt to capture the dog and take him to the rescue shelter where he would be safe.