The Most Unusual Creatures In The Deep Blue Sea

The ocean has some of the most diverse species of sea life and there are still many creatures that haven’t been discovered. There are also tons of freaky-looking ocean animals that are lurking deep down in the sea. It’s not every day that people are running into these creatures, but when divers are able to capture photos of them, the result is incredible.

Animals such as the giant squid, giant snakehead, and the Black Swallower are a bit frightening to gaze upon. These are some of the most unusual creatures that lurk in the ocean.

Keep Away from the Frilled Shark

This isn’t a fictional character out of Stranger Things, but a real shark that swims in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It has the nickname of “a living fossil” because it has a prehistoric appearance. The reason that it’s called a frilled shark is because of its six pairs of gill slits along the body.

frilled shark swimming in a tank
Awashima Marine Park/Getty Images
Awashima Marine Park/Getty Images

Something quite terrifying is that they will quickly lunge at their prey, often swallowing them whole. They’re rarely seen in the ocean and are also one of the few non-mammals to be born from yolk sacs.