The World’s Most Bizarre Zoos You Have To See!

With millions of zoos found all over the world, some stand out more than others. Among this list, you will find human exhibits, stone statues, parks that take “up close and personal” too seriously, butterfly empires and so much more that all should make your personal bucket list. Check out the most wild and bizarre zoos found all over the globe!

Oregon’s Sea Lion Caves

sea lion.jpg

Discovered by Captain William Cox in 1880, Oregon’s Sea Lion Caves have been welcoming California Sea Lions for safe passage and relaxation well before its public opening in 1932. The privately owned wildlife preservative and bird sanctuary is part of the Oregon Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve to help protect the local marine wildlife.

Stellar sea lions are the location’s main attraction, but other animals like birds of the seagull, cormorant, pigeon and quail species can be also be found at the sanctuary. Even both gray and killer whales are often spotted along the beautiful Oregon coast as well, so check out the sea caves the next time you’re in Oregon!