These Cat Shaming Moments May Have You Cracking You Up!

We love our little furry ones regardless of the annoying stuff they do like tip over our water glasses, leave “presents” around the house and eat our food when we’re not looking, right? Of course we do! But, sometimes these little mistakes call for a more serious form of punishment like internet cat shaming. Check out some of the funniest cat shaming moments you have ever seen.

Cat Nip Fiend

Although it’s a little tough to make out, this curious feline found himself pulled into the infectious aroma of catnip and lost all sense of time. Clearly, from the look on his face, he is not too aware of his surroundings other than the fact that he is being shamed by his owner for getting carried away with the “greens.”


With the rubble decor accenting the surface of the studio’s carpet as clear evidence, this facial expression he seems to be giving us is just too purrfect for words. We really cannot blame him though, we would be equally enticed by such a captivating substance within a paw’s reach. Wouldn’t you?