[VIDEO] These Animals Get Adopted Because Of Selfies!

Thanks to social media, there is new-found hope for shelter dogs. They are no longer just an adorable barking face in a noisy room filled with tons of other cute dogs.

Pet Photo Booth

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The Humane Society of Utah gets about 12,000 animals a year and they are able to save around 10,000 of them. Once they invested in hiring Guinnevere Shuster, their social media coordinator and photographer, the whole scheme changed for these animals.

Shuster brings in each dog to the studio that needs a photo and allows them to shine individually. Those interested are now able to easily separate from the pack which will be their future pet!

The Details

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Where the uniqueness lies with this organization is in the closeness you feel with the animal before you even get to see them in person. When you go on Humane Society’s website you are able to not only see pictures of your potential pet but also short biographies of some of the animals.

In the biographies, you are able to learn everything from if the dog is active too if he or she knows how to follow commands. Not only are the photos Shuster snaps precious but the way the staff writes so endearingly of the animals makes it that much more enticing to take one home.

A Shift in Culture

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Social media has already changed the landscape of how adults go about their lives in a dramatic way. One of these changes being dating apps. Thousands of users are now able to get connected with a potential mate with just one swipe. That is essentially what the Humane Society has accomplished with what they are doing.

Studies have shown that those looking for a partner do not go out to meet as often as they did in past decades as everything is slowly moving to online. It makes sense to apply that logic to a decision as big as taking care of a pet!

Not Just Dogs

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What is also great about the Humane Society of Utah is that it is not exclusive to just dogs. Cats and bunnies are also a part of the mission they are trying to accomplish. This broadens the opportunity for the owners to select an animal because some people would prefer cats over dogs.

Each pet receives veterinary care and sterilization surgeries which add up to over 10,000 sprays/neuters that take place every year. The totality of how great this operation is can best be summed up in the next slide. Click next and find out all the details.

The Humane Society of Utah

Courtesy of HooplaHa – Only Good News

As you can see from the video, the Humane Society is dedicated to making sure these pets find a home. Investing in Shuster was just the tip of the iceberg for the shelter. Plenty of other behind the scenes actions are taken place that others may not be aware of.

The Humane Society of Utah has a slew of programs that either help the pets or better educates the population. For example, they have the Humane Education which better educates the younger generation to assure better living for animals in the future. Another program worth mentioning is the Cruelty Investigations. They cover thousands of miles every year responding to reports of animal abuse.