These Dogs With Jobs Deserve To Be Employee Of The Month Every Month

Some dogs lie around the house all day loving life and eating kibble. That’s all fine and good for those pups, but there are other dogs who aren’t happy just lazing around. These dogs are working dogs. They have jobs to do. They like a good pat on the head every now and then, but they’re also mutts on a mission.

Keep reading to see a whole bunch of dogs with super interesting jobs. There’s a dog who finds rare truffles, a dog who protects chickens, and even a dog who can sniff bee diseases.

Uuno Is A Video Game Developer


Photo Credit: Remember__Me / Reddit

This dog is doing a very good job making video games for all of us to enjoy. Everyone wants realistic doggy movements in their virtual reality experience. Thanks to Uuno, digital dogs can be almost as good as real dogs.

Also, he looks adorable with those little white balls all over his body. Watch out Benedict Cumberbatch, this guy is coming for your job.