These Dogs With Jobs Deserve To Be Employee Of The Month Every Month

Some dogs lie around the house all day loving life and eating kibble. That’s all fine and good for those pups, but there are other dogs who aren’t happy just lazing around. These dogs are working dogs. They have jobs to do. They like a good pat on the head every now and then, but they’re also mutts on a mission.

Keep reading to see a whole bunch of dogs with super interesting jobs. There’s a dog who finds rare truffles, a dog who protects chickens, and even a dog who can sniff bee diseases.

Uuno Is A Video Game Developer


Photo Credit: Remember__Me / Reddit

This dog is doing a very good job making video games for all of us to enjoy. Everyone wants realistic doggy movements in their virtual reality experience. Thanks to Uuno, digital dogs can be almost as good as real dogs.

Also, he looks adorable with those little white balls all over his body. Watch out Benedict Cumberbatch, this guy is coming for your job.

The Best Durian Vendor Around


Photo Credit: GallowPlaceholder / Reddit

Of course, an animal who literally smells butts as a greeting would be ok standing next to this many durian fruits. If you weren’t previously aware, durian smells like actual butt.

Some people like it, though, which means somebody has got to sell it to them. This doggo is definitely up to the challenge.

This Dog Helps Children Testify


Photo Credit: et-tuBrute / Reddit

The judge smiling in the background here really makes the picture. This is a therapy dog who works in a courtroom to help comfort victims when they’re testifying against an abuser.

He also helps children when they need to be present in family court. Dogs are really the best people.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day


Photo Credit: ItsZikz / Reddit

This is what happens when it’s “bring your dog to work” day, but you’re a K9 unit. I like that you can see the photographer’s reflection in the window. He’s holding a toy to get the dog to look at the camera.

The toy dog is just going to look wherever you point him.

Staff Morale Officer


Photo Credit: thecockmeister / Reddit

This is Biscuit. He works for National Trust as a staff morale officer. I think every office needs one of these. I would be so much happier at work if there was a puppy there specifically to make me happy.

I don’t know if I’d be more productive, though. I think I’d mostly be distracted by cuteness.

Lifeguards Ready To Save The Day


Photo Credit: Fitbumblebee / Reddit

These highly trained pups in Croatia are ready to jump into the water at any moment. Somebody, please make a Baywatch style movie about these guys.

These are the only hot blondes I want to see running along the sand. Isn’t it great that dogs are always looking out for us?

All Offices Should Allow Dogs


Photo Credit: the_voices_are_back / Reddit

This pup has made it his own personal business to walk around the office and get cuddles for each and every employee.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Maybe this dog could pick up a few tips from Biscuit, the staff morale officer.

Sweet Boy Helps His Owner Keep Her Balance

dogjob8 (1).jpg

Photo Credit: trisarahsocks / Reddit

Look at this doggo’s little white feet. Service dogs are the actual greatest. This one keeps his owner stable while she browses the stacks.

Having a disability can be difficult, but have a super supportive pupper by your side makes life easier and more fluffy.

Bazz The Beekeeper


Photo Credit: Stegosaurus_Peas / Reddit

This is Bazz. He sniffs out a deadly disease that’s wiping out beehives. Bazz is a black lab. This suit protects him from all of those pesky bee stingers.

The next time you squeeze a dollop of honey into your tea or onto a piece of toast, remember to thank Bazz for his service.

Protective Pit Bull


Photo Credit: jeranga / Reddit

Being a police dog isn’t just for the German Shepherds of the world. Other breeds can also be officers of the law. Ok, maybe chihuahuas should find another line of work.

Pit bulls are perfect for police work, though. This guy is here to prove that he’s as good as any German Shepherd in a vest.

No Coyotes Allowed


Photo Credit: RalphBuchwald / Reddit

This perfect dog is trained to protect his owner’s chickens from hungry coyotes. That chicken doesn’t know how lucky she is to have a big strong guardian like this golden retriever.

I bet this doggo really enjoys his job. It’s nice to see that he gets along with the chickens.

Professional Hole Inspector


Photo Credit: rythian_ / Reddit

I don’t know what this dog’s job is, exactly, but I do know that he’s wearing a hard hat, so he must be important.

Only the most important doggos need to protect their delicate noggins from falling debris and hard objects. I bet he dug that hole all by himself.

Airport Therapy Dog


Photo Credit: Ylimeq15 / Reddit

Some people get really freaked out at the idea of traveling on a flying bus with a bunch of strangers. This good girl works at the San Diego airport to ease peoples’ travel anxiety.

She’s also there to brighten your day and make your travel experience a little bit more enjoyable. If every airport employed a therapy dog, I would travel a lot more often.

Seeing Eye Puppy In Training


Photo Credit: kristinak_ / Reddit

This is Dandy. She has successfully completed her first week of seeing eye dog college! Soon she is going to grow up to be a real live seeing eye dog!

This little dog looks like she has so much wisdom in her eyes. She knows how to navigate the world.

Tactical Doggo Is Ready For Battle


Photo Credit: Perfectenschlag_ / Reddit

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official. We are living in the future. This dog looks like something out a science fiction war movie. Maybe if the dog in that zombie movie with Will Smith had gear like this he wouldn’t have become zombified.

Oops, is that a spoiler?

Science Dog Loves Science


Photo Credit: zedscience / Reddit

Um, excuse me, where are his gloves? He needs to protect his paws from harmful solutions!

You know what the best part about this dog is? His name is Bunsen Berner. Berner like a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bunsen Berner like a Bunsen burner. That’s the cleverest thing I’ve ever heard.

This Truffle Hunter Did A Good Job


Photo Credit: K931SAR / Reddit

This excellent truffle hunter found eighteen ounces of white truffles in one day. That’s a job well done if you ask me.

Why are dogs so good at everything? I want this guy to be my business partner. I wonder if there are any valuable white truffles in my area.

I Want What He’s Selling


Photo Credit: 2kitygirl / Reddit

I’m in awe at the size of this lad. What an absolute unit. If this is what sales associates are going to look like in the future, then it looks like the future is now and the future is bright.

Wal Mart definitely has the right idea.

Good Girls Watching Some Sheep


Photo Credit: MegaHinkie / Reddit

These Great Pyrenees pups are so freakin’ fluffy. I almost can’t tell where the sheep end and where the dogs begin. Get these dogs in my life immediately.

Look how well they’re taking care of those sheep. I wish somebody would take care of me that way.

Dogs Waiting To Do Their Jobs


Photo Credit: DisDudeForReal / Reddit

These dogs are waiting to enter the rooms of sick children for animal therapy time. They all look so excited. It is literally their job to get loved and pet and scratched for hours.

Where can I get a job like that? Their snoots are about to get so booped.